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by Grilldog on December 19, 2012

Hello all.

I am sorry I didn’t get my shopping cart up and running by the Holidays. However, there is still time if you go to

You can now purchase my DVD’s and books on or
the ebooks on
Or on Google

Grilldog’s Guide to Food Fun and Friends…
The first book, my original, I consider to the Foodie’s Arsenal of Recipes. I’ve selected many of my “original” recipes from back in the early 90’s for you. These are all classic recipes that are great for any occasion and as always, you don’t need to spend a lot of your hard earned cash for special ingredients or kitchen appliances. Over 150 recipes, tips, tricks and stories of my world travels and insights. Plus, never before seen photos of my travels and clips from my TV show.

Grilldog Presents: 50
The second book was just published in in the Fall of this year. This book contains over 200 recipes! These are all of the recipes from the 1st, 50 episodes of my TV show “Grilldog Presents”. Plus behind a behind the scenes accounting of each episode that the recipe applies to. There’s even clips from each show included with the recipes. These recipes are again, easy and inexpensive. There’s only about 5 recipes that are included that overlap the two books, for example, my eggplant dip appears in both, however, it’s just THAT Good!

Plus, all of my DVD’s are available and there will be an autoshow where you can find the dvds and a Chevy 4 Bolt Main Block for sale so you cant miss it. For the dvds Each one contains 4, 28.5 minute episodes except the Holiday special, that’s a 1 hour special and 2 other episodes. Every DVD and episode is available except episodes 56-59, there’s a typo in the cover header that we are currently working on fixing.

So if you are looking for that last minute gift Idea go to Amazon or Kindle and pick up a copy! You’ll have fun and be glad you did.

Good ole Grilldog
Grill’n and Chill’n

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