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by Grilldog on June 3, 2012

Grilldog Update.  I’ve been asked a lot what is my status on making new shows.  Well here goes…

A lot of events have been happening in the past 2 years that put me way behind on a number of projects.  I finally had to toss out my anchor and settle down and just take one thing at a time.  So here is what the plans are…

1st I must complete and distribute the 5 episodes I filmed in Mazatlan.  I am almost finished the 2nd episode and have 3 more to go. (due date 8/1/12)

2nd Finish my 2nd book – Grilldog looks at 50, all the recipes and story synopsis of my first 50 episodes. (due date 9/1/12)

3rd, publish the remaining episodes of my DVD’s.  I stopped at episode 55 and have to go to 75, with 4 episodes per DVD (due date 10/31/12)

4th Update and complete the work on my website, and include a shopping cart with all of my Grilldog Merchandise. (due date 11/30/12 – Black Friday)

5th update my IMDb profile to include all of the above completed work as well as an episode guide to all 75 shows. (due date 12/12/12)

Once all of this has been completed (I’m shooting for 12/12/12 because that date just looks so cool).

Of course, that will be when I take my sabbatical from Grilldog and edit the next installment of my sons’ life the previous year from birthday 3-4.  (Needless to say no one will get it by Christmas – again).

So shooting for Grilldog should commence by February of 2013.  At that time I should be able to keep current with everything and be able to air shows within a few weeks of filming.  Plus keep up with everything else.

Thanks for everyone’s patience…

Good ole Grilldog

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