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Hi All, Join me, Grill Dog watching Time Warner Channel 10 this Tuesday, Jan 11th at 6pm watching The Tequila Challenge filmed at Rocco’s! In this episode of my International Cooking Show “Grilldog Presents” Linda and Rocky challenge me to create several dishes to feed their guests as they arrive to sample “Z Tequila”. I wasn’t allowed to make any Italian dishes and I needed an Out Door Grill. Plus, all the food had to pair well with Z Tequila! Well, I only had a few hours to complete the task, did I make it, was the crowd at Rocco’s happy! Find out Tuesday. In fact I’m going to be personally at the bar at Rocco’s at 6pm on Tuesday as an added bonus! Oh, I had the help of Newflower Farmers Market and BBQs Galore in Bee Cave to help me out! So don’t miss the fun!


Grill Dog LIVE at NEWFLOWER Farmers Market 12-19-10

by Grilldog on December 8, 2010


We had a great time at NEWFLOWER.  I autographed many of my recipe books and everyone had a yummy treat.  The day before I grilled a Rib Roast and chicken thighs.  The Rib Roast I rubbed with their Cowboy Rub and half of the thighs I marinated in their smoky tomato dressing and half in their Tuscany Italian Dressing.  I then served them on a bed of cabbage with ricotta cheese, granny smith apple slices and a slice of honey ham.  The folks had their choice of meat and bbq sauce.  Everyone thought it was a hit.  Don’t miss my next live appearance!

Hi Gang!

It’s never too late to add to your Holiday Cheer and that’s why Grill Dog is here. On December 19th join me from 11am to 2pm at NEWFLOWER Farmer’s Market in Bee Cave at the Shops at the Galeria. I’ll be there showing you some holiday tips and tricks so that you can spend your time with your family and friends and not all day in the kitchen. Plus, I’ll be taken some of the many items that will be on sale and perparing some tasty treats and serving them up for you to enjoy. If that’s not enough for you, I’ll also have plenty of my recipe books “Grilldog’s Guide to Food, Fun and Friends on hand to autograph for you. Now if you are looking for a great stocking stuffer or an added gift for your family, friends or just to reward yourself for being good this year, then this is the gift for you.

So come on out on Sunday December 19th to NEWFLOWER Farmers market from 11am – 2pm and visit with me! You’ll be glad you did!

12700 Shops Parkway
Shops at the Galleria
Bee Cave, TX


Royal Tequila Club Review at Vivo’s 11/16/10

by Grilldog on December 6, 2010

Vivo‘s on rr620 just between Anderson Mill Rd and 183 is a very high end Tex Mex restaurant. It’s like being downtown Austin on 6th street but in Cedar Park. No need to have traffic or parking headaches here! Last month Vivo’s initiated their Royal Tequila Club. The Royal Tequila Club meets once a month on a Tuesday Night and a local Tequila distribute presents their tequila. Not only does the club receive samples of the tequila Vivo’s serves up some great food all for the admission price to the club. It’s a great deal.

I attended the first event in October and provided my review. The folks from Republic Tequila were there to demonstrate their product.  They provided a great presentation on the history of Tequila as well as an informative discussion on what to look for in a good tequila.  I thought everything went great the first time, however, I was disappointed in the fact I thought we were going to have some food that would not just match the tequila but would also “WOW” me. Earnest, the Manager and coordinator of the event promised me that this was only due to a learning curve, this being the first event. Therefore I looked forward to following with a review in November for their 2nd event.

The second meeting of the Royal Tequila Club at Vivo’s featured Milagro Tequila. Not only were the 6 shots/tastings of their Tequila top notch, the food was spectacular. Earnest wasn’t joking when he told me it was just a learning curve. Plus he promises me that they’ll be more excitement and exotic foods and tequila’s each month. If you are interested in joining the Royal Tequila Club or learning more about it, contact Earnest at Vivo’s! You’ll be glad you did!

12233 Ranch Road 620, Austin – (512) 331-4660


This was one of my busier weekends. I filmed at Napalm yesterday and today I provided a live appearance at NEWFLOWER Farmers Market in Bee Cave, Tx.

I showed up for two hours with samples of foods that I made entirely with NEWFLOWER’s Product line. Plus I had my recipe book in tow, Grilldog’s Guide to Food, Fun and Friends. I sold and signed many books and the store noted that sales of the products I was demonstrating skyrocketed while I was there.

I had a lot of fun, everyone loved my pulled pork, cheddar and coleslaw sandwiches the best. I used several varieties of NEWFLOWER’s BBQ Sauces with it and it was a hit. The customers and staff were so nice, I’m planning on coming out there again in December for another live appearance. This time I’ll stay longer!


Bikers and Brisket at Napalm Motor Sports 10/06/10

by Grilldog on December 6, 2010

The episode Bikers and Brisket for my Television Show could have only happened in Austin, TX. With the advent of my arrival in Austin, my cooking show “Grilldog Presents” began to air on Time Warner Channel 10 every Tuesday Night at 6pm. Folks who don’t have Time Warner Cable can catch the show in the internet at that time since the station streams all of their shows. What is interesting is that my TV show has been and is one of the most distributed shows on community TV in the world. However, no one ever recognizes me in the streets. Some say that’s not a bad thing!

Grilldog Presents started airing in Austin June 1st 2010 by the end of June people were recognizing me on the streets of Austin using Ecosmo Bikes! What is particularly interesting is that the people who were recognizing me were “Bikers”. Since I’m a Biker too so that even makes it really cool. Bikers tend to be direct and they all asked me “Grill Dog, when are you doing to do a show about Bikers”? A cooking show about Bikers, I hadn’t ever thought about it, however, putting on my Grill Dog cap of wisdom I wrote a 2 part episode called Bikers and Brisket.

The first part would be general knowledge, i.e., what to look for in getting a Brisket, how to trim it, the importance of slow cooking and even how to cut the Brisket.   For that part “Big Hat BBQ Smokers and Grill’s” Owner walked us through the steps and even provided a great detailed look at the grill he created and sells as a local Austin Business.   We also traveled to watch a real old western Brisket Cook-Off. The second part would be my recipes and having a Biker and Brisket event. Therefore, I approached Napalm Motor Sports about sponsoring the show and we were all giving each others a 4 paws and a tail salute.

The event was huge. I coordinated it with Napalm to coincide with their customer appreciation day. In order to maximize the event, not only was I presenting my smoked Brisket, I coordinated the Chef from the Cooking Experience at BBQs Galore in Bee Cave to come out and provide some samples. Plus, I got my buddies at Stuffit the Cajun Meat Market to come on out with samples. We even had the folks from Total Rider show up and provide some important tips on bike safety.

The episode will mark the last broadcast of my show titled Grilldog Presents and will start my new title Grill Dog “Grill’n & Chill’n. To be aired in 2011


10/24/10 Bikers & Brisket Throw Down

by Grilldog on December 5, 2010

As part of an upcoming episode of my cooking show, Grilldog Presents, I went out to Broden TX to what was supposed to be a huge Brisket Throw-Down. My episode titled “Bikers & Brisket” is going to be airing in 2011. I filmed in a number of different locations in Austin and completed the filming at Napalm Motor Sports on rr620 in Cedar Park for their Customer Appreciation Day.

Unfortunately, the challenger who set up the event by bragging that he could cook a brisket on the “Big Green Egg” better then anyone else, didn’t show up for the event. However, my son, Jr Dog and myself made the trip and filmed a couple of “Good ole Texans” and their trailer smokers. We drank beer (me and the Good ole Texans, not me and my 2 year old son) and ate lots of home cooking and some great brisket. One thing I like to point out is that if the rest of the world could just experience and event like this, no one would be fighting!

The filming that I did will be spliced into the two part series Bikers & Brisket. It’s going to be exciting because we are changing the title of my cooking show at the start of the second part of the two part episode. We are updating the intro and CGI and calling the Show “Grill Dog, Grill’n & Chill’n”


10/7/10 VIVO’s Bartender Throwdown.

by Grilldog on December 5, 2010

Always on the look out for a great watering hole where I can hang out, relax and generally escape from the world, I found myself entering VIVO’s on rr620 in Cedar Park between 183 and Anderson Mill Rd. Within minutes I realized that this was my new hang out. Not only that, I just had to film a show here. Why? I’m not sure if it was because of the retro atmosphere, great food, customer service that was unbelievably outstanding, the erotic art work or scrumptious adult liquid libations! Quickly I asked for the manager and “Earnest” came over. I outlined an idea I have had for a show however, until now, I never had the right venue, this was it!

Vivo’s Bartender Throw-down.

My concept was to have a bartender throw-down, Grill Dog Style. I would film it as part of my Grill Dog Community TV and then distribute it so that it would air all over the world.

Today, October 7th we filmed the show. It was awesatious. We had 4 beautiful bartenders from Vivo’s competing for a variety of prizes. I’m not telling how it turned out, you’ll have to see the video when I finish editing it. All I can say was that the competition was based on the Best Martini, the Best Margarita and the best “Wild Card” (bartender’s choice) drink. The scores were very close, however, there can only be one winner. Don’t miss this exciting episode. In the meantime, why not check out Vivo’s for your self! Tell them Grill Dog sent ya! You’ll be glad you did.



Last Event

by Grilldog on November 24, 2010


Tequila Review at Vivos

by Grilldog on November 16, 2010

Grill Dog is at Tequila Review at Vivos today.


Napalm Bikers and Brisket Show

by Grilldog on November 6, 2010

Grill Dog is at the Napalm Bikers and Brisket Show today.