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Grilldog Presents – Status Report

by Grilldog on June 3, 2012

Grilldog Update.  I’ve been asked a lot what is my status on making new shows.  Well here goes…

A lot of events have been happening in the past 2 years that put me way behind on a number of projects.  I finally had to toss out my anchor and settle down and just take one thing at a time.  So here is what the plans are…

1st I must complete and distribute the 5 episodes I filmed in Mazatlan.  I am almost finished the 2nd episode and have 3 more to go. (due date 8/1/12)

2nd Finish my 2nd book – Grilldog looks at 50, all the recipes and story synopsis of my first 50 episodes. (due date 9/1/12)

3rd, publish the remaining episodes of my DVD’s.  I stopped at episode 55 and have to go to 75, with 4 episodes per DVD (due date 10/31/12)

4th Update and complete the work on my website, and include a shopping cart with all of my Grilldog Merchandise. (due date 11/30/12 – Black Friday)

5th update my IMDb profile to include all of the above completed work as well as an episode guide to all 75 shows. (due date 12/12/12)

Once all of this has been completed (I’m shooting for 12/12/12 because that date just looks so cool).

Of course, that will be when I take my sabbatical from Grilldog and edit the next installment of my sons’ life the previous year from birthday 3-4.  (Needless to say no one will get it by Christmas – again).

So shooting for Grilldog should commence by February of 2013.  At that time I should be able to keep current with everything and be able to air shows within a few weeks of filming.  Plus keep up with everything else.

Thanks for everyone’s patience…

Good ole Grilldog

Remember, if you are not about Food, Fun and Friends, You’re Doing it Wrong!

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This Saturday, April 21st, Join ME, GRILLDOG at Barbecues Galore in Cedar Park, from 11am to 2pm.
Barbecues Galore

1335 E Whitestone Blvd
Ste O-100
Cedar Park, TX 78613

I’ll be providing some Great Grilling Demonstrations and offering my 1st Book “Grilldog’s Guide to Food, Fun and Friends” at a great price, just 9.99! Plus I’ll sign it for free. Over 150 Great Recipes and Grill’n Tips. Perfect for the Grill or even indoors.

Plus, they’ll have a Huge Model T car show exhibit going on. They’ll be lots of fun, so come on out!


Mazatlan, Mexico & Grilldog Presents

by Grilldog on October 11, 2011

A Long, Long, Time Ago, July 2nd, 1990, to be exact, I found myself in the beautiful land of Sunny Mazatlan, Mexico.  I was looking for adventure, beautiful, fun, sun and deep sea fishing.  I came to the right spot.  Since 1990, I’ve been to Mazatlan dozens of times.  I’m often asked, with all of my travels around Northern America, Europe and Japan, of all the places to vacation, why Mazatlan?

Why Mazatlan? Mazatlan has everything that I want in a vacation (note I hate cold weather).  There’s vacation spots in everyone’s price range.  There’s frequent cruise ships, night life, great prices on every sort of entertainment imaginable.  There’s Jungle cruises, inland exploration, Agave Plantations, Island fiestas, quaint towns, plus the ocean! All types of water activities are available all year round.

A few months ago I realized that I needed to fly down to Mazatlan again and take care of some personal business (drat, of all the luck! LOL).  Unfortunately, Grillpup and Jr Dog couldn’t make this trip (as soon as Jr Dog is old enough I’m going to take him there!).  The time sharing I have in Mazatlan is for a week, since I HAD to travel to Mazatlan any way, I thought I’d stay the week and just relax.  Well, if you know ole Grilldog, I can’t relax unless I’m doing something.  Therefore…

I contacted my good buddy, Tadeo Hernández Kelly, Manager of Bibi Fleet Sports fishing. I’ve fished with them before and have always enjoyed the customer service, their knowledge of the area (they are the oldest Sports Fishing Fleet in Mazatlan) and, of course, fishing with them.  Relaying the message that I was going to be there a week and was looking for adventure as well as hoping to film an episode of my show there.  We agreed that a Sports Fishing Episode with Grilldog and Bibi Fleet was in order.  However, if you know good ole Grilldog, you know I couldn’t just stop there.  With the help of Tadeo an entire week of adventure has been planned…

First I’ll be staying at the Beautiful Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay resort.  I may shoot a few scenes there, I’m not sure yet.  I’m going to work with them when I arrive there on Friday Afternoon.

Saturday 15.
6.00-3.00PM. Fishing with Bibi Fleet.  I’m hoping for a nice Dorado! my Buddy has invited a few of his friends and we are going to go fishing for the day and have some great fun.  I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of great footage and Sport Fishing information! That will be Episode 1

Sunday 16. Episode 2 Filming at El Parador Español.
2.00PM. Shrimp cooking at El Parador Español.

Monday 17. Episode 3 Filming the Shrimp Plant! Mazatlan is the Shrimp Capital of the world!
5.00PM. Shrimp plant (I’ll post a link when I get more information).  I’m hoping to see the fleet come in.

Currently, that is all that is 100% certain. However, when the world hears that Grilldog’s Coming (like in my theme song), you know ears stand alert… Here’s what is still in the works…

The Mexican Board of Tourism is interested in hooking up with Good ole Grilldog while there and film Tuesday through Thursday various aspects of the area, since many people like to travel to countries like Mexico or Borneo, and that’s why Borneo Eco Tours rainforest lodge are so popular now a days. Including… considering providing ground transportation during that time and possibly travel to a very picturesque town with great country side food.

That’s all I have for now, I really want to thank Tadeo and Bibi Sports Fishing for all of their help with this adventure.  It’s going to be exciting and of course, look for it to air in early 2012!

Keep watching for more exciting updates to this adventure.  Of course, I’ll keep you posted every day on my facebook account which is linked here to my so you don’t have to miss an exciting minute of the action!  Oh btw, I’ll be there from October 14th through the 21st.  October 18th you’ll find me in the pool, at the bar in the pool, it’s my Birthday, we’re just not sure if you’ll find me face up or face down! LOL… OH and don’t worry, Grillpup’s Mom has graciously offered to come visit while I’m away to help Grillpup and and look after Jr Dog! That’s great!

Remember, Grilldog wufs ya and if you are NOT about Food, Fun and Friends YOUR DOING IT WRONG!

Note… 10/11 the lastest updates are that the following episodes could be included in the trip via the Mexican Board of Tourism! Grilldog’s there!

–          Hand made cheese shop.

–          Tequila distillery.

–          100% organic Tomato plantation.


Hi folks.

South Africa celebrates their Heritage day (an appreciation of the vast cultures that make up South Africa) with BBQ or as they call it Braai.   The media calls this day Braai4Heritage!  With many loyal Grilldog fans in South Africa Grilldog decided to celebrate two with his own Braai in the South African Style.  There’s 5 distinct styles of BBQ in South Africa and Grilldog is going to demonstrate them all at Natural Grocers in Cedar Park.

Did you know the South African Vice Presidents and his guests have frequently dined on recipes from Grilldog!

Well, now you know so get your tails and your own Grillpack of Friends over to Natural Grocers..

Wednesday, September 21st from 11am to 3pm, you’ll be glad you did!


Hi gang.

Yes I’m back filming again. This time I am scheduled to be filming at Shooters in Anderson Mill (11416 Ranch Rd 620 N – Austin, TX 78726 – (512) 401-2060) on JUNE 5th from 2-5.

The show is being sponsored by Shooters and Treaty Oak Rum. Treaty Oak as asked me to develop at least 3 new and exciting food recipes using their rum as a key ingredient. Plus create one new rum drink. Can I accomplish this? Come out and see on June 5th.

Shooters will have drink specials and all kinds of activities going on. Shooters has a full bar and a ton of pool tables. Plus, my wife’s favorite pub game, Buzz Time Trivia!

I’m promised to have quite a number of wild and crazy hot cutie’s by my side as co-hosts for the event (I love my job). However, that’s not all; however, I’m not at liberty to divulge any more information until the ink has dried on the proposals. However, I will let slip, just for YOU, the recipes I am creating…

1. Chutney
2. The FOOL!
3. Rum Curry Sauce
4. a “Fashionable” Rum Drink.

So keep your eyes peeled for more information. However, most importantly, set those Day Runners, iPods and Blackberries to remind you to attend Grilldog Presents, Live at Shooters on June 5th, 2011 from 2-5, you’ll be glad you did.


Texas Big Green Egg Fest 4/30/11

by Grilldog on May 1, 2011

The Texas Big Green Egg Fest was yesterday and it was awesatious. There were hundreds of people there, grill’n Chill’n and having a great time. I provided class demonstrations of how to grill pizza and how to grill tenderloin. It was a great success. I want to thank the folks at H.E.B. on 620 and Anderson Mill Rd for providing the food for the Egg University teaching demos as well as the food for my personal demos. I had a ton of steak and pizza that I was grill’n up. Plus Mandola’s Italian restaurant and market out in Bee cave provided me with the fresh dough for the event. It certainly was a stellar four paws and a tail event.


Hi gang.

If you like to BBQ or just eat great BBQ (which if you are on my site you do!) then join me at the TEXAS EGGFest 2011 in Austin, TEXAS. Just what is an EGG Fest? Well, if you are an avid BBQer/Griller and you love real fire, not propane or gas, then you probably have at least heard about the Big Green Egg (BGE) Ceramic Grill/Smoker.

The Big Green Egg’s design is based on the old Kamado grill from China. There’s a number of knock off versions of the Big Green Egg but none can really compare to the unique design, features and material of the original BGE. I could write an entire blog about the BGE but I’m going to limit this to the TEXAS EGGfest for Now. Let’s just say that the ceramic was designed by NASA and is used in the Space Shuttle.

BGE EGGfest 2011 Austin, TEXAS. The Texas EGGfest is has been so awesatious that numerous states around the country have started to have their own event. Drawing 500-1000 or more people annually, this event is the number 1 event for Grill’ers, Smokers and BBQ Foodies!

The TEXAS Eggfest will be held at the Iguana Grill on 620 on 4/30. Basically, scores of Grill/Smoke enthusiasts will start grill’n and Chill’n with BGEs and offer demo’s, lessons and samples throughout the event. Typically there’s music, Keg Beer and a whole lot of fun and entertainment for everyone. Plus there’s EGG University. At EGG University you will be taught by Experienced EGG/Grill Masters not just great recipes designed especially for the egg but also how to get the most out of your Egg. This year I am proud to announce that one of the teachers at EGG University will be Good ole Grill Dog. That’s right. The folks at BBQ Outfitters on 620 in Austin who host the event has contacted me and requested my presence at the event. Not only will I be teaching at Egg University but I’ll also be there through out the day demoing great recipes on the BGE with lots of free samples.

So set your calendars for April 23rd and come on out to the Iguana Grill on 620, you’ll be glad you did. More information and registration at


Hi Folks have I got some great news and even some great deals for you. On Sunday 3/27 I’ll be at the H.E.B. on Anderson Mill Rd and 620 in Austin TX from 11:30am – 6pm with a live demonstration, Free Food and Special promotions from H.E.B.

First I will be over in the Fish Department providing not a free sample but a free Sample “MEAL”. Yes, a whole meal. Well, only Grill Dog would do something like that for ya! Your Free Sample Meal will be…

Spaghetti with a Garlic Alfredo Sauce
a Shrimp Salad &
Freshly baked Ciabatta Bread!

Now that’s a meal. But wait, H.E.B. is giving me 3 special deals for ya. NO you don’t have to purchase anything for a free sample and a chance to meet me! Hey, if you bring in a copy of my Cook Book I’ll even sign it for you, right then and there! WOW Now that’s worth Barking over. This is such a great deal because if you like any of the deals you don’t have to buy all three, you can but they are 3 separate deals and all part of the Sample Meal I’ll be preparing for you.

Deal #1 with the purchase of a 2 pound back of Shrimp for 12.69 you’ll get a Free 32 oz bag of pasta & a Free bag of Salad Mix.

Deal #2 with the purchase of a jar of Bertolli Alfredo Sauce for 2.09 (any flavor – Grill Dog recommends the Garlic Alfredo Sauce) H.E.B. will give you a jar of their Brand of Alfredo sauce for FREE

Deal #3 There’s a Dollar off of their freshly baked Ciabatta bread, baked Fresh Each Day.

Now those are deserve a Four Paws and a Tail Salute!


Grill Dog LIVE at H.E.B.

by Grilldog on March 15, 2011

Whose the largest privately owned business in TEXAS? Who is won of the top 10 Largest Privately owned companies in the United States of America? Who? H.E.B. Therefore, if Grill Dog was going to support and provide live regular performances and delicious yummy treats for his fans, who should Grill Dog work with? WHY H.E.B., of course!

I know you’ve seen those food carts in grocery stores, however, H.E.B. has gone way beyond that cooperation with Grill Dog International LLC, an Austin based company.  I will be developing recipes and providing great free samples of H.E.B. products. OH, not just the old here, have a sample of a drop of BBQ sauce on a piece of meat.  Basically, those carts are only trying to sell one product.  However, imagine Grill Dog in the store! Grill Dog free to run around and grab ingredients and create new and exotic flavors! Not just from one department but from many! This way incorporating a great experience!

So I’ll be regularly appearing at H.E.B. at the intersection of 620 and Anderson Mill Rd with some great treats.  Today was my first day there and I was nervous and excited.  My job was to provide free cheese burger and potato salad samples.  (Everyone got a small plate with both a cheese burger sample and some H.E.B. homemade potato salad, either mustard based or mayo.) Unlike those other folks who just demo 1 product I combine some of the great inexpensive ingredients of H.E.B. Brand in a fashionable way.  Now I’m not pitching an add here but demographics prove that “Walmart” in areas where there is an H.E.B. have lower prices then Walmarts in areas where there isn’t an H.E.B.  Why? It’s obvious, they are trying to compete with H.E.B. However, they can’t because comparably, H.E.B. is less expensive and they have factories that develop and produce their product brand.  Did you know that H.E.B. has it’s own shrimping boat in order to deliver the freshest shrimp?

Ok, so here’s what I’m doing on 3/15… Come see me for some yummy treats.

Grilled cheese burgers with some Wisconsin aged cheddar cheese, topped with

Sauteed red onions or bacon (depends on when you arrive, once the onions run out I’m using bacon, apple smoked bacon).

Aged cheddar cheese

Some great BBQ Sopping Sauce and lettuce.

Plus some H.E.B. homemade potato salad, your choice of mustard based or mayo!

You can’t miss me, evidently my creations today sent mouth watering aroma’s through out the entire store.  People were literally “sniffing” their way to find my tent.  YES, Grill Dog is TOO Big for a mere Cart, he has a 10×10! So come see me, have some samples and hang out! You’ll be glad you did.

Oh, I’m in hot negotiations with H.E.B. to carry my awesatious book, Grilldog’s Guide to Food, Fun and Friends… Now that’s a news flash!


Charity Event for Hospice Austin

by Grilldog on January 20, 2011

In association with the Meat House, BBQs Galore, The Grove Restaurant and Wine Bar and presented by Good ole Grill Dog is going to be at the Meat House for a great FREE Event and Raffle with proceeds going to Hospice Austin! The Party will last from 7pm till 9pm

Looking for ideas on how to get more out of your grill? Need a few tips to make that perfect meal? Let The Meat House spark that imagination! Chef Michael Ortiz from the Grove Restaurant 6317 Bee Caves, Austin, Texas 78746 is going to be there dishing out some of the Groves great food on the Big Green Egg. Plus Grill Dog and Chef Kyle from BBQs Galore Cooking School “The Cooking Experience” will be there demonstrating the Big Green Egg and have some delicious samples for you! Not only that, Good Ole Grill Dog is going to promote a great 999.00 offer on the Big Green Egg and accessories that you can get during you next visit to BBQs Galore at 12918 shops parkway, Bee Cave., TX

There’s going to be a number of Great Prizes that are going to be raffled away. Proceeds are going to Hospice Austin. You don’t have to be at the drawing since they aren’t going to do the drawing till the following week. So come on out and have a great time! That’s a great Grill Dog Tip to Live by!!!
During this special after hour’s event, everything in the store will be 10% off!

And of course we will be running a wine tasting!

3267 Bee Caves Road
Austin, TX 78746
Website: http://themeathouse.c… Hours:
Daily, 7 am to 10 am for breakfast tacos.
Daily, 9 am to 7 pm for normal operations

Be Sure to tell the GRILL DOG SENT YA!