Wings and More

by Grilldog on November 16, 2018

My family and I (wife, son and me) Moved to Austin, TX early 2010. It was a long drive from San Diego, CA. When we finally arrived at our rental, we unpacked the truck, returned it to the Uhaul facility in Pflugerville, TX and returned back to our new home. All our belongings were stacked in the garage to the point where it was nearly exploding. It was late at night, we were hungry and tired and realized that we needed a comforting nights sleep and made plans to stop at a nearby motel for the night. However, we were famished. Being new to the area we were not sure where to go; however, I remembered seeing a restaurant off of 35 and Howard when we exited the highway there, it was called Wings and More. Not knowing anything about it we decided to take our toddler out and see what this restaurant had to offer, also, please note, I don’t eat at fast food restaurants unless it’s an emergency. Beware the Evil Clown…

The bar area had many available seats and tables. They also had our favorite Trivial game, “Buzztime”. The place was awesome, with great service and the managers made us feel very welcomed indeed, in fact we felt a friendship between us all. The food was great, served quick and hot and at a reasonable price. The wife and I were provided with the Buzztime game paddles and we set back for some cold beer, wings and fun. The great part too was that they were in love with our toddler (1.5 years old). They made sure he was comfortable and attended to. Some restaurants, although they say the are family, seem to be annoyed by infants and toddlers. A fun crowd was there and we were very relaxed after a long journey.

I’m writing this because, today, over 8 years later, the atmosphere hasn’t changed, although they no longer carry Buzztime Trivia. Although the personnel has changed and the prices have gone up with inflation, it’s still an awesome “sports bar”/Wing Joint to hang out at. They have happy hour, daily specials, Free Kids night with an adult purchase as well as all day happy hour on Sunday. I love their lunch specials, I usually get there before 2 when the lunch special prices stop and at 2 Happy Hour starts, just a Grilldog Tip there. I also recommend their Sunday Brunch, it’s not an all you can eat Champagne brunch like we had every where in San Diego, but it’s awesome anyway.

So from Grilldog, here’s a place that is awarded the coveted 4 paws and a tail Salute.

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