The End of the World!

by Grilldog on December 21, 2012

The End of the World

Once again someone published a date, years ago that predicted the world would end on a particular day. That day was to be TODAY, December, 21st, 2012 i.e. 12/21/12. Of course the world hasn’t ended and we are still here, many of us preparing for Christmas, a celebration of life. The End of the World has fascinated cultures ever since the dawn of time. I’m sure the early cavemen thought thunder and lightning storms was the world burning up right in front of their eyes. Even religions all have a say in how they think the world is going to end. I’m blogging on this because in the past month and mostly in the past few days, there has been a lot of energy produced by us discussing “Today’s End”. The Social Media has been inundated with posts, jokes and serious discussions on the topic. There have even been News reports discussing the topic as well as TV Specials. Therefore, I thought I’d toss my two cents into the ring.
Perhaps it is the End of the World, just not literally. This topic dawned on me as I lay here in bed sick as a dog. I made a post in the Social Media that although the world hasn’t ended, as sick as I am, I feel like it’s the end of the world. As I read other posts, watch other news reports and TV specials I see families struggling with sickness, death, lingering death, divorce, abductions, natural disasters’, job lost, bankruptcies, and the like. Many of these events are not going to happen today; however, we are positive and have explicit knowledge that they are going to happen in the New Year. Therefore, during our current celebration of life, it doesn’t actually feel like a celebration, more like a sugar band aide over a gushing wound. For those of us who are experience that kind of “lifestyle” at this time, the prediction of world doesn’t signifying Santa riding in his sleigh with 8 (or 9) Reindeer but reigns true, the feeling of the end of the world. My heart goes out to everyone suffering. My parents always taught me to pray to God to put an end to others suffering, even our own. However, suffering is going to continue and if prayer works, it’s not really always how we, the selfish humans we are, wanted it to be.
Therefore, as you all post and joke about the end of the world not actually happening today, just remember that for some people, it actually did and is happening. If you know of anyone in which a little extra loving could be shared with, especially during our Holiday season, why not let them know you care. Neither you nor I can take all of our suffering and pain away, but perhaps we can make the world a little bit better if we take a moment and stop thinking about what we want Santa can bring us to make us happy this year, but what we can do to help make others a bit happier and life a little easier.
Merry Christmas.

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