Randolph Fleming says
To: Grill Dog

I used to watch your show on public access channel in San Francisco and thought that you were ‘local’ ; possibly Marin county , or East Bay , etc.. I moved back to Seattle recently and there you were on Seattle’s SCAN TV!!…Great!

Hallie Harron, a professional chef and restaurant consultant, is the co-author of Tomatoes & Mozzarella and a contributor to several other cookbooks, including the newly revised The Joy of Cooking. She has written for and been featured in numerous magazines, including Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Cooking Pleasures, Phoenix Magazine, and Phoenix Home & Garden. Hallie has owned and operated several restaurants, including the award-winning Quiessence in Phoenix, Arizona. She splits her time between Encinitas, California, and France, where she conducts food and wine tours to Paris and Provence.

Hallie Writes..Thank ever so much for the great DVD & Book! Both winners! Your generous style is addicting to watch... Hallie

Lise Bibaud, Montreal, Canada
I had the privilege to be one Grill Dog’s First Guests, back in the days when he was already on the leading edge of grilling! The food was delightful and fun.. well, what it should be when Grill’n with friends! Several years have passed since then so I think it’s safe to say that Grill Dog has Grill’n and Chill’n down to a Science!

Grill Dog has the best recipes for Food, Fun and Friends. Use them for your family or for entertaining. They are sure to be a hit.
Chef Nancy Bilese, USA

Chef Isabella Small, Head Chef, Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg, South Africa… On Grill Dog’s Eggplant Dip… Now this is really lovely, I made it at work and used it as a spread instead of a dip. I also had to times ten the whole recipe. Also I made vegetarian sandwiches for 700 people and this went down nicely. The cumin and cilantro gave it a nice Eastern aroma and flavor and I liked the lemon juice, normally we use vinegar. I did use the skin for color, we pureed the whole thing. The smokey taste also added to the dip. I am going to use this on Monday for Antipasto Platter with Cocktail Pitas!

The writer Jude Liebermann…
I’ve known Grill Dog for many years, and it’s been quite an adventure. From helping him maintain his website and forum to editing his guidebook and helping with ideas for the show, I have watched him transform a simple idea of food, fun and friends into an international cooking show. I’ve always believed that if you want something, you have to always dream big. If you don’t dream, you die. Well, then that should make our good ole Grill Dog immortal, since his dreams reach all the way to the stars.

Having just finished editing his Guide to Food, Fun & Friends, I’m sure you will all enjoy it. Sometimes it was tough to know how best to edit, since I didn’t want to take away from the ideas and charm with which he writes. Unlike me, Grill Dog writes like he talks, so I had to be careful not to take too much of that away in attempting to clean up any grammar problems that I encountered. So don’t expect a completely polished work of art, though I doubt you would be reading this if that were what you wanted. What you will get by reading this is a wider range of knowledge on hot to grill, cook and entertain with your friends and family. You might even find yourself chuckling over Grill Dog’s experiences, which don’t always have anything to do with cooking or grilling. He takes you on a bold glimpse of his life to date and tries to teach you something along the way.
Enjoy! I know I did…

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