The Tequila Challange @ Rocco’s in Lakeway TEXAS

by Grilldog on January 9, 2011

Hi All, Join me, Grill Dog watching Time Warner Channel 10 this Tuesday, Jan 11th at 6pm watching The Tequila Challenge filmed at Rocco’s! In this episode of my International Cooking Show “Grilldog Presents” Linda and Rocky challenge me to create several dishes to feed their guests as they arrive to sample “Z Tequila”. I wasn’t allowed to make any Italian dishes and I needed an Out Door Grill. Plus, all the food had to pair well with Z Tequila! Well, I only had a few hours to complete the task, did I make it, was the crowd at Rocco’s happy! Find out Tuesday. In fact I’m going to be personally at the bar at Rocco’s at 6pm on Tuesday as an added bonus! Oh, I had the help of Newflower Farmers Market and BBQs Galore in Bee Cave to help me out! So don’t miss the fun!

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