austin mac repair

In September of 2010 my Mac that I edit my videos for Public Access TV started to have problems.  Every time I tried to render files on Final Cut Pro (the advanced software I use for editing the show) my Mac would power down and shut off.  New to Austin I started searching for an inexpensive solution to the problem.  I found Austin Mac Repair (now calling itself Texas Mac Repair) was near where we were living so we took my Mac there.

I explained the problem as I did here and they said they would work on it.  1st they told me the hard drive was bad and the data needed backed up. Then they told me during back up the hard drive died and I needed a new one.  Then they told me that the best way to deal with my computer not shutting down was to increase the Memory.  Once I agreed to all of this they stated the Mac was repaired and I took it home.

As soon as I started using Final Cut Pro and rendering my files, my Mac Powered down again.  Exactly as before.  I went and complained to the owner “Les” and he told me that as a family business he guaranteed his work and “verbally” stated that he would offer me a full 100% refund upon return of the hard drive and memory boards.  When I went to return them, he added additional charges to the list and only a partial refund.  I explained that was not acceptable and that I would take the matter to my credit card company and fight the charges.  He was very angry and the next day called my home and left some very aggressive messages that I want to share with you …

Les Called the next day and was very angry Les from Austin Mac Repair Threatens Grilldog 1

After hanging up, he wasn’t satisfied that he threatened us enough so he called back.  Les, the Owner of Austin Mac Repair Continues to Threaten Grilldog

He even mentions in his voice that the problem was my logic board that he did nothing to repair or even inform me of.  It wasn’t until I took it to the official Mac Shop that I found out it was the logic board.  Therefore, he knew it was the logic board and never even attempted to replace it. According to the real Mac repair shop, my Mac is so old the logic board wasn’t replaceable therefore he couldn’t.  So he kept charging me for services that was not needed.  The wildest part is that he admits in his voice mail that the logic board was the problem and that the service he supplied was replacing the hard drive. Well, I sent the hard drive he put in back and reinstalled the hard drive that he said didn’t work.  Well, folks, the hard drive works, I can retrieve all of my data and Final Cut Pro still Crashes because the Logic Board is not able to handle it any more.  ta da.

His reference to my radio show stems from my comment that as a radio talk show host I hear all the time of customers getting ripped off from companies and being treated unfairly and that he wouldn’t like to have someone comment about his service to me on air.  So he calls and threatens me that he’ll take my home, my job and everything I have away from me if I make any comment at all to anyone anywhere… This is the type of Business that Austin Mac Repair is.

Austin Mac Repair is an UNAuthorized Mac Dealer.  Totally unprofessional and you can make what you want of his attitude.  I have reported him to Apple.  Unfortunately, my credit card company took a heck of a long time to investigate the claim and only reimbursed me a partial refund because Les told them that it was a basic point of sale transaction.  That means that I should have plugged in the computer and tested it at his site rather then taking his word for it! All I can say since “Les” is the Owner, if you go to Austin Mac Repair for service, “LESS” is what you are going to get.

Less service
Less Repair
and Less Money in YOUR Bank Account.

OH, after finding out that my wife and I were posting his “Les” service on line he decided to post a raving review of his business on YELP, writing as if he were third person about his own business. Don’t Go To Austin Mac Repair Please, if you are a friend of grilldog, go to yelp and negate his comment that he’s the owner writing about his own business.  Hopefully we can prevent him from providing “Les” service to other people… Thanks all.