Grill Dog Supports these awesatious Products and Sponsors.

Please feel free to checkout their sites and products and let them know Grill Dog sent you!

You’ll be glad you did.

Preferred Products, Services and Business


Shooters Billiards and Sports Bar
11416 N FM 620 – Austin, TX

Big Hat BBQ Smokers and Grills
A Local Austin Company! http://www.bighatbbq.com/


BBQ Outfitters www.bbqoutfitters.com

6715 Ranch Road 620 N, Austin, Texas 78732 (1/4 Mile South of 2222)
Phone: (512) 347-1988 Toll Free: (877) 274-7455  Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-6; Sunday 12-4


H.E.B. “Plus “on Anderson Mill Rd and rr 620


Grill Charms: Check these out on Episode 56 of Grilldog Presents.

Grill Charms offer an entirely new concept in outdoor entertaining. They are dime-sized solid stainless steel charms that are placed in food BEFORE grilling. The serrated stem holds the charm in securely while flipping, moving and grilling food like the Grill Master normally does. Grill Charm™ food prior to cooking to distinguish spices and flavors, steak temperatures, or to avoid health or allergy issues. They stay in before, during and after grilling so when dinner comes to the table, simply look for your Grill Charm, and everyone knows which one is theirs. They are one hot grilling tool!

VIVO’s in Cedar Park TX on RR620 between Anderson Mill and 183

Vivo’s is an upscale Tex Mex Restaurant and Tequila Bar.  It’s like being downtown Austin but without the traffic or parking problems!


Napalm Motor Sports on RR 620 between Anderson MIll and 183 in Cedar Park.




Pepe Z Tequila is produced from 100% naturalingredients, with no additives to modify or changeits exceptional quality or authentic taste.This isinsured through using demineralized waterso the minerals do not contaminate the spirit.


Twin Liquors – ParkwayAustin, TX 78738-6597(512) 263-5336

Born and raised in downtown Austin, Texas, Twin Liquors began as one small store and has emerged into a “home grown,” successful Austin company that has a unique and well-respected reputation throughout the United States for having impeccable team members, outstanding customer service, conveniently located stores, extensive selections of fine wines and premium spirits from around the world, and substantial community involvement

Traeger Wood Pellet Grills of Oregon, with selling location in 735 E Mission Rd., San Marcos CA: or go to http://www.traegergrills.com, (be sure to tell them Grilldog sent ya)

The fine folks at Traeger have sponsored many Grilldog Presents episodes including: Wine, Meats, Grille; Road Kill 1 & 2; Irish Tacos; Coo Coo Dogs, Lotsa Pasta 2 and many more. We really appreciate the products and services from Traeger.

T&H Prime Meats and Sausage,

www.tandhsausage.com Jacob Kappeler Owner/Sausage Meister 735 E Mission Rd., San Marcos, CA., The Official meat and Sausage Supplier of Grilldog Presents:Jacob Keppeler has been a long time friend and support of Grilldog and the concept of Food, Fun and Friends. Jacob’s establishment has awesatious meats and even sells Traeger Wood Pellet Grilles. Jacob has sponsored many shows like: Wine, Meats, Grille; Smok’n Sausages, Grill’n Pizza; Road Kill 1 and 2, plus much more.

Black Dog Pub 1200 W Howard Lane, Austin, TX78753, (512) 990-3305 a full bar located just off of 5\35and Howard. Drink Specials, open on Sundays, pool tables, and quite a number of HD flat screen TV for your sports and other television pleasures.

Pflugerville Propane Inc.,
15525 Interstate 35, Pflugerville -(512) 251-3931
About: Truck Washing Truck Wash Outs and Exterminations Wash Bays for Trucks, RV’s and Boats
Categories: Car Washes, Natural Gas & Petroleum
Specialties: Bottle Gas, Grill’s, Motor & Mobile Fuel For Rv’s, Forklifts And Hot Air Balloons, Forklifts & Hot Air Balloons, Exterminations, Boats, Available For Forklifts, Propane Pick Up & Delivery, Rv’s, Trucks, Washouts
Brands: Propane Pick Up & Delivery For Forklifts Available, Propane Pick Up & Delivery for Forklifts Available,We Furnish Bottles & Bottle Racks, We Furnish Bottles & Bottle Racks
Products and Services: We Furnish Bottles and Bottle Racks Propane Pick-Up and Delivery for Fork Lifts Bottle Gas Motor & Mobile Fuel for RV’s Grills Fork Lifts and Hot Air Balloons


The Meat House

3267 Bee Caves RoadAustin, TX


nada Indefinite pronoun nothing zero zilch

red Adjective) communist

nadared organization was founded in 2007 by a group of individuals who wanted to participate in making this world a better place. We got together in hopes of helping people who are unfortunate enough to live in the oppressive political regions in the world. We felt like the “system” in these countries is not only stealing their individual freedom, but also is not providing basic necessities for many of them to survive.

So we decided to help.

Then we decided to do it by selling spirits.

Dedicated to the cause from the top down, the majority of the net profits of nadared’s proceeds go to institutions that champion the principles of humanity and individual liberty. Distilled to perfection right here on American soil, nadared is an uncompromisingly smooth grain, triple distilled vodka that stands proudly against any and all takers. When you choose nadared, not only are you announcing to the world that you have great taste in vodka, but that you’re dedicated to the cause of humanity and liberty.

La-Cook-a-Rack-a, LTD. in New York! www.tacorack.com Taco Racks you really have to try if you love tacos! Tell them Grilldog Sent ya! Official Taco Rack Supporter of Grilldog Presents:

These things work great in an oven, a toaster oven and even on your grille.  We featured them on many Grilldog presents episodes including: Tantalizing Tacos, Irish Tacos, Road Kill 1 & 2, Grill’n with Tequila and many more.  Plus we have quite a number of gourmet taco recipes!

House of Jerky, Go to www.houseofjerky.net and tell them Grilldog sent ya! The highest quality Beef jerkyBuffalo jerkyVenison jerkyOstrich jerky, and Turkey jerky comes from House of Jerky®! Our jerky is made the old fashioned way, sliced from lean whole premium top round steak. It is not ground, chopped, processed or formed into strips.

The Big Game 90 is a 90-foot long-range Sportfisher with air conditioning, stateroom berthing, large galley, multi-ton fish hold, color TV/VCR, freshwater showers and large sundeck.

And Sundays kids fish for FREE

Tailgate Partymate

ideal for tailgating, camping, NASCAR and general recreational use. Take a moment to view the video to see the Tailgate Partymate in action!

This table system is the first and only of its kind to provide you the space you need with ease. No more hauling tables in and out of your car or truck…just lock it into place and drive it home!

We’re so confident you’ll love this table that we offer a

115% money back guarantee!!!

Grill Charms, www.grillcharms.com

Flame Disks. Want a natural environmentally friendly fuel sure for your grille or next camping trip with NO clean up? Check out www.ugogrill.com These babies burn 450 degrees for 45 minutes great for camping, tailgating or a back yard BBQ

McCoy’s THIS Sauce

The Official Irish Hot Sauce of the Grillpack of Friends!

Farrell’s Fireside of El Cajon

From glass doors to custom screens, we carry only the best of the best here at Farrell’s Fireside Shop. All of our products are chosen for our inventory because of their durability and attractiveness, ensuring that you will be getting something to suit your specific tastes from the enormous variety that we have to offer

hauntedprops.com: They’ve got some really gross stuff, check it out!

Plus the really helped us in Road Kill 2 by supplying us with the giant killer rats that we used.  The “special” effects in the show, i.e. the flames coming out of the rats was my own special effects as well as the guts splattering out when we road over them.  However, the folks at Haunted Props really have great products.  They also sponsored our Coo Coo Dogs episode by furnishing good ole Grilldog with his outfit for the show!

Hacienda de las Rosas Horse Farm and Winerywww.haciendadelasrosas.org William Holzhauer & Tammy Rimes, in Ramona, CA (760)788-3918 Wine Perfect for your Back Yard BBQ.

Willam and Tammy have been awesatious friends and they make awesatious wines as well.  They opened their Hacienda up to us to film; Wine, Meats, Grille and the Smok’n Sausages episode.  They also helped out in their tasting room in Old Town San Diego for our Special 40th episode, “Reflections”.  They have also provided a lot of their wine for our show!

Twin Oaks Winery in San Marcus, 1575 Mulberry Dr, 760-471-8985

Witch Creek Tasting Room, 2100 Main Street, Julian 760-765-2023

It seems like where ever I go I run into great wine and great friends.  The folks at the Witch Creek Tasting room are no exception.  They provided us with a lot of wine and products from their tasting room and they were featured on our episode filmed in Julian, Julian Julienned! We also use their glassware in many of our shows in which we are sitting around drinking a glass of wine, like in Road Kill 1 episode.

Julian Pie Company: www.julianpie.com 2225 Main St., Julian.

Julian is known for apples and when Grilldog goes to Julian or is out looking for Pies, he’s stuck on Julian Pie Company Pies.  We also featured them in our Julian Julienned episode.  You can also order their pies online! Yum!

Backyard Creations

Backyard Creations is a full service designer of high quality outdoor kitchens, etc..

We emphasize on making the customer 100% satisfied.

Here at backyard creations, we involve the customer on all aspects of the design to create a fully customized backyard paradise.

Take some time to browse through our site or come visit us at our location on 7475 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Let backyard creations make your dreams come true.

Kathy Maher Under Cover Wear Partieswww.undercoverparty.com Adult under covers, videos and sex toys

Now I hear you all crying out there! Grilldog have you lost your mind? What is a cooking show doing promoting exotic Adult Underwear and sex toys? Well, all I can say is, Why Not? Kathy Maher is one of many folks representing undercoverparty personal party shows.  She’s in Portland Oregon and opened up her home to us for our Crabbing Episode up in Washington State.

In San Diego County COACH’S APPLIANCE REPAIR.  Gary Jibben 619-370-6406

Kenny Mohler’s Catering Where Grilldog goes when he needs some catering. Official Caterer of Grilldog Presents: Please note, he doesn’t cater my shows, but he does help by donating supplies when I need them, thanks Kenny!

I’m sure you all realized that Good ole Grilldog doesn’t need a caterer, however, if I did, I’d call on Kenny.  He specializes in outdoor catering.  He’s great at BBQ’s, weddings, Pig Roasts, what ever your outdoor catering needs are, Kenny will come through for you! He’s helped out good ole Grilldog in several episodes by providing catering products and supplies, helping Grilldog cut down on his costs… Thanks Kenny!  Oh, I still owe you for all those eggs from the first egg episode! I’ll get you for that! LOL

Get Your Rub Onwww.getyourrubonbbq.com BBQ sauces and spices.

I’m sure you are all aware that Good ole Grilldog has many recipes for BBQ rubs.  However, I don’t sell them. Therefore, when I was looking for a rub that was great and inexpensive, the folks from Get Your Rub on contacted Good ole Grilldog and sent him a free sample.  I was so impressed by the freshness and quality, I dedicated an entire show to the rub “Rubbing IT Right” and many unusual items you can use it on.


O’Connor’s Pub www.Blarneycraicandimbibery.com in La Mesa at 8758 La Mesa Blvd (corner of Jackson and La Mesa Blvd.) . Lots of Food Fun and Friends. Tons of draft beer, food, pool and darts. Plus daily specials!

Mr D’s Cocktails – 1322 3rd Ave., in Chula Vista

My good buddy “Bar Dog” from Our Ice Cream episode and who use to own “Goodies” from our Holiday Special is now the proprietor of Mr D’s in Chula Vista. There’s always a party going on their, with music, sports on the many TV’s, Karaoke and much much more. We even filmed our Wing’n It and Eggs 2 in front of Mr D’s. There’s always a lot of fun there!

Big Joe’s World Famous Coo Coo Club, Lakeside CA,

If you want crazy, this is the place. Another great pub, this one in Lakeside, CA. The drink prices are very competitive and the staff very friendly. We have filmed several shows there to date including; Coo Coo Dogs, Lotsa Pasta 2 and Mommacita’s Night off, a meal for the breastfeeding Mom.

The New Grand in El Cajon. 437 E Main St

The new Grand is completely remolded with a great back yard patio to relax in, complete with horseshoe pits. Check it out!

Bailey’s WoodPit BBQ: 2307 Main St. Julian, CA

Grilldog loves a good BBQ and when in Julian you can bet he’s going to be at Bailey’s. They have an old fashioned fireplace style smoker for all of their meats that makes them tender and has that great smoky taste. We also featured them in our Julian Julienned Episode!

Joe’s Pizza, http://www.joespizzasd.com, 5583 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, San Diego

Grillpup and I love Pizza and Trivia, when we discovered that Joe’s Pizza has a great pizza buffet and the Trivia Game Buzztime cabled in, you know we were there. Buzz time is a free interactive trivia game that you play against or with other folks in the establishment as well as pubs across the United States! It’s a lot of fun. Joe also has a great variety of menu items and we even filmed Pizza UnRevealed there!

Blarney Stone on 2nd Street in El Cajon. Great Happy Hour Prices, pool tables, Real Dart Board, live bands, Karaoke and great service!

The Blarney Stone is a great Irish Pub in El Cajon. The owner and staff are always there to welcome Good ole Grilldog and always airs his show when it is on! plus it’s a sports pub and there always seems to be a game on one of their many screens. They were also kind enough to allow us to film many scenes from the Road Kill Show on their back lot!

Tereska Hampton, A Passion for Wine, Wine Shop at Home, 619-994-9759,

Tereska provides in home wine parties. She also opened up her home for us to make and film the People’s Choice Chili for our Chili Contest Episode.

Other Folks!

Baja Blues Boys: http://www.bajabluesboys.com/ how can being Blue be good, well check out the Baja Blues Boys, the official blues band of Grilldog Presents! They wrote and performed the theme song for Grilldog Presents: “Grilldog’s Coming”! Official Blues Band of Grilldog Presents:

Dannicus Live: www.dannicuslive.com, the Irish Musical Pirate Rock Group that gets audiences dancing to a Pirate Party

Jiggy Jaguar www.jiggyjaguar.com or listen to his interviews at http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/81009

Bob Youst and the South Beach Rod and Gun Club in Dulzura

Bob was great to allow us to film the opening scenes of both Road Kill Episodes along the many trails out there.

International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders www.iffgd.org

When Grilldog decided he was going to do a show about foods that won’t make you fart, the IFFGD offered a lot of tips and information.