Celebrity Cooking at Restaurants

Need a proven method to increase your clientele? Then Grill Dog has the answer. As a celebrity chef, Grill Dog will come into your establishment and design a dish or dishes to help enhance the flair and evening’s entertainment. Grill Dog will personally prepare the dish for your patrons. Imagine the advertising campaign you can have when you can proudly state that Grill Dog, the internationally recognized Austin Based Celebrity Chef, is going to prepare a special treat one evening at your establishment.

Grill Dog’s recipes have graced the tables of statesmen and dignitaries worldwide. In fact the students at Wit University in South Africa dine daily on several of his recipes. Plus, when the President or Vice President is having a dinner conference, Grill Dog’s recipes are always a favorite, like his Grilled Eggplant Dip!

No event is too large or too small. No venue is to outlandish or challenging for Grill Dog. He will come into you establishment and design a dish that not just fits your marketing scheme and philosophy but create a dish that will simply “WOW” your guests into wanting more.

In fact, feel free to challenge Grill Dog. Contact Grill Dog International LLC and really put a challenge to him like Mr D’s in Chula Vista, CA. Chris, the proprietor of Mr D’s, contacted Grill Dog with what he thought was the ultimate challenge, Irish Tacos. IRISH TACOS! There’s No such thing. However, Grill Dog designed a number of Irish inspired Tacos and none of them used Corn Beef. After all Corn Beef’s association with the Irish didn’t happen until Irish immigrants settled in the United States. Therefore Grill Dog used traditional Irish Recipes and designed tacos such as Guinness Beef Cube tacos, leek-potato & apple sauce and much more. All of these recipes can be seen in Grill Dog’s Irish Taco Episode. Therefore, if this has peaked your taste buds then contact Grill Dog today to discover a new world of tastes and treats to dazzle your customers in ANY VENUE.

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