Protect your Skin! Grilldog and Sunscreen!

by Grilldog on May 29, 2012

Last year, in March, I was hired by H.E.B. as a chef for their newly redesigned program called I.S.S. “In Store Sales”.  The idea behind ISS was to drive sales, of course.  The goal was to redefine store food demonstrations to incorporate all the departments in the grocery store.  Rather then just saying, “here, try a chip”, we would have a recipe or complete meal idea.  Plus, each store was free to develop their own demonstration.  Something Unique, that the individual store felt their customers would like the most, or what the store wanted to promote the most.  I now design those Demonstrations at my local H.E.B.  However, I digress.  I told you all of that to tell you this… I was hired in March as a chef. I saw those, “here, try a chip” demonstrations and felt it was demeaning to a chef of my stature (I was mentioned on the Food Network and do have my own published book and Television show!). About 3 months after being hired, Memorial Day rolled around and I was informed that I’d be demonstrating Sunscreen!!! WTF!!! NO WAY, I immediately gave them the hind leg salute! I was a chef… I barked, ruffed up my hair and barked some more! I sarcastically asked them to tell me how to use sunscreen in a recipe, since I was a chef, I assumed they wanted me to cook with the stuff!  After putting on an elaborate scene and feeling I got my point across, I was told that all of the other folks were going to be on vacation and this demonstration was really “Needed” by the store.  I was the only one available to do it. Plus, they promised It’d be only for 1 day!  sigh, Grilldog’s are better then Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Old Yellar and the Little Hobo (you’ll have to look that last reference up yourself).  So naturally, I agreed to demonstrate SunScreen, sigh… but I was not happy.

As the days dwindled I contemplated various ways to “SHOW” the management my displeasure and make sure, that they would never ask me to something that demeaning AGAIN!  So I developed a bizarre Character that we called “Captain Sunscreen”.  I looked more like a homeless peddler at the beach then an HEB Employee.  I wore shorts, a bizarre outfit, even sandals.  We have very strict dress codes and I didn’t just push the envelope on those codes, I knocked down the Post Office..  I was obnoxious, I was flirtatious, I was, well, outlandish.  I did everything I could think of to be bizarre.  Because I was a Chef and this was below my standards! …

At the end of that “first”, one and only day, I had my picture taken about a dozen times, by customers.  They were posting it all over the internet and sending to friends. There was such an overwhelming outpouring of appreciate, joy and enthusiasm, I was speechless (and anyone that knows me knows I don’t get speechless too easily).   Sales were skyrocketing, the employees (called partners) were enthralled, and I was put on a pedestal! Plus, it was fun! I had a great time.  So not only did I enlist to the Sunscreen Demo for the next 4 days, I also recreated the roll on the 4th of July during the next Sunscreen Sale!

Therefore, this year, when Memorial day was coming about and I was making the decisions on what to demonstrate, I could demonstrate anything I wanted, guess you can figure out what it was… SUNSCREEN, of course.  You see, Mom battled skin cancer much of her life and died of Leukemia. Dad was a decorated WWII Veteran and was a survivor of the battle of Normandy on D-Day.  To me, promoting skin protection on Memorial Day, seemed to be something more.  The fanfare is nice, but that I can also feel that I’m honoring my parents, makes me feel that much better, even if I’m the only one that knows that part of it.  That is why I committed me and my team to demonstrating nothing but Sunscreen from Wed through Tuesday, all during the Memorial Weekend Sale.

Since Last Year, I also lost about 100lbs and had been working off.  Therefore, this year, I thought I’d showcase the new me during my Demonstration.  Therefore, I created a New Captain Sunscreen.  I had a lot of fun and I’ll do it again next year, for Mom and Dad!

Here’s some sunscreen Tips.  There are New FDA regulations.  Please select Sunscreen that has both UVA and UVB protection.  UVA is Aging affects and UVA is Burning Affects.  Once your SPF gets past about 15 you are not getting much more, if any at all, actual UVA or B protection!  The SPF basically tells you how long before you have to reapply the lotion, or spray! Let me explain.  All of us have different skin.  Each handles the effects of the sun differently, some better and some worse then others.  Therefore, the SPF specifications take that into consideration.  Let’s say I can stay out in the Sun for 20 minutes with out skin damage and my neighbor can only stay out 10 minutes, we each have a sunscreen that’s SPF 15.  That means, I can wait 20 X 15 = 300 minutes after applying the lotion or spray before reapplying where as my neighbor can only wait 10 x 15 = 150 minutes before reapplying… now you know.

So if you are going to be out in the sun, be protected and please use some aloe or something else to moisturize your skin once you are out of the sun again.  Stay looking young! Now that’s a great Grilldog tip to live by… Oh yeah, remember… The only time you should feel a Burn, is when you are working out!



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