Osama bin Laden, the face of terror, killed in Pakistan

by Grilldog on May 2, 2011

As a rule, I am totally against Celebrities using their influence to promote or demote a political figure. I, among many, still do not watch or support anything that has to do with Jane Fonda… That’s my commitment to our military. We have young men and women sacrificing their lives to fight for US, NOT USA, Not a President. These young people are putting their lives on the line to protect lil ole YOU and ME. For that, I’m in support of and anyone, anyone that tries to make their families upset or tries to make our sons and daughters feel regret or hatred to me and you for what they are doing, well, hind leg salute to them.

That leads me to the topic of my blog today, the “Astonishing” release of Osama’s Death. Let’s start with a real life reenactment… Upon recieving the news that Osama was dead I ran out and told my wife that Arab dictator and killer Osama was dead, she said… Our President is dead? How did it happen? But I digress…

I’ve worked for Department of Defense Contractors for about 20 years, I’ve seen things. I’m not a conspiracy freak but I can tell you that, YES, we are LIED TO. For years, information has been “leaked” that Osama (the bad one, 911 dude not our president) was hiding out in Pakistan. Now, as if an out of body experience, we finally kill him (the Arab Osama, I mean the evil one, you know, not our president). I think and feel that we knew where Arab Osama has been all along ( the master mind behind 911 not our Arab President). What’s the reason behind not killing him earlier? I’m speculating, we, i.e. the USA Gov. didn’t think it would benefit them (USA Gov) enough. Why, was there a change and now killing Osama is OK, (Osama the Arab Leader, that’s the guy that caused 911 not our president).

Our beloved Arab Leader Osama has just raised taxes and in my opinion hurting us USA Citizens even more. Our Gov was closed, military and Gov personnel were not paid. The families of our own Sons and Daughters Killed over seas in some mindless idiotic Arab suicide bombers mission, were withheld benefits since our US Government was closed down because they couldn’t come to a budget resolution.

In my opinion our beloved USA Arab Leader Osama knows he doesn’t stand a gnats ass in hell of re-election or even running for re-election, however, the democratic party and in a grasping for straws effort, they throw in the ACE up their Sleeves that they have had for a long time, to hope boost up the Osama (our Osama’s) image. However, that’s how it is now in Government and Hollywood, as it has always been… Image.

Despite my conspiracy theory that Osama (our Osama) ordered the attach to some how boost our moral, I can say that Osama (the bad one, you know, the one over seas!) is dead! I just wished that it happened much earlier and it was much more painful for the asshole that killed all of those innocent people on 911. My father fought proudly and bravely in WWII and has dozens of medals to prove it. However, he was only shooting at and fighting against those communists bastards that were shooting and fighting against him. He would never even consider aiming his Navy Guns at an unarmed, non military building such as the World Trade Towers and taking it down and killing hundreds and possible thousands of people that weren’t and were not capable of shooting back. Those suicide bombers and followers of the Arab Leader Osama ( Not our president, the now dead other one) are nothing but cowards, who kill innocent Children and Women.. Why? I Ponder… oh, that’s right.. when they die for Osama (not our Arab leader Osama the now dead other one) the Suicide bomber receives, in death a bunch of Virgin Lovers! Nothing self serving or completed Fuked up about that religion now is there!

In short, I’m glad to hear that the Arab Leader Osama (not our US president) has been killed. Wished it had been more dramatic and drawn out for him, however, I can safely sit back and say, that I’ll pretend to believe in Uncle Same about that… for Now!

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Nelson Mead May 3, 2011 at 1:23 am

I think you need to review the true meaning behind all this BS. In the first place I believe without a shadow of a doubt that our own government was responsible for 9-11.If you can honestly believe that they are not you aren’t paying enough attention to the facts. We no longer need Osama to be the Boogyman now that Khadaffy is back in the terrorist specticle. I served to get rid of this man in a war in 1986 and he was the great satan then and just like all the others he was impossible to find,REALLY! he’s been around for years just like Osama Bin Ladin. If they were trying to find him why is it that our secret service was in DuBais while he had a surgery? If the truth be known he was just another person used as a scapegoat. Another interesting thing about all of this is the timing. Now that Obama has finally given us his birth certificate which wa sproved to be a fake this is just another diversion to get the people’s attention off from current deception.


Grilldog May 3, 2011 at 2:50 am

The same thoughts are true about Pearl Harbor. The American Public didn’t want to enter the war. Well, at least American Big Business Didn’t want to enter the war. Why? well, you hear about the labor camps. Well, what was the labor? It was being forced to work in factories, factories that made products for American Companies. If we entered a war, well, American Big Business (Research Bayer Aspirin), American Big Business (who fund political campaigns, etc would be forced to use and pay for American Labor and not Forced Communist Labor). Therefore the Conspiracy theory is that we knew the Japanese planes were on their way to Peril. We covered it up to make a conflict in order to invoke the American Population to “Awake the Sleeping Giant” and join the war. Is this true? Do I have proof, do I believe in it? I’d rather not say. The same can be applied to 911. Do I really feel the US Government Planned it? NO, I would certainly hope not. Did they turn a blind head and provide an out for the attack in order to get into several Arab countries for Oil, political gain, territory rights, etc? who knows? It’s certainly something to ponder. I do believe that we have known a long time where Osama was. We even built a facility that duplicated where he was staying in order for our guys to practice attacking him. We heard the Navy Seals guy say that today on the news. Guess we knew awhile. It was also released that we learned his where-a-bouts during CIA interrogations. Now where and when do we think this happened?

I thought first about deleting your post because I don’t like to engage in political debate on my site, which is all about Food, Fun and Friends. However, I approved and and replying because I think it is something that people need to think about. Do I believe our Government knows more then they are telling us, duh! Do I think the information we are receiving is 100% believable… NO. How much is true and how much is fake could be mind boggling. However, for now, I’m just going to go with that.

Who ever is at fault with 911, and I’m positive Osama Planned it, many Americans Died. I feel that Osama’s death can’t bring them back but can at least lift a burden to their loved ones.

Let’s not continue this ad-nausea, Yes, USA trained Osama, we gave him power, we even put him in charge in Afghanistan and yes there’s a lot that we can debate and argue and surmise. Oh and as far as the USA Gov giving us diversions, of course they do. What they are and how much truth is involved is just speculation. Anyway, that’s my humble opinion.


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