October 31st 1010 Halloween Special

by Grilldog on December 6, 2010

For October 31st I had a big special. We battled Communism, battled Cancer, had tons of free prizes to give away and much more. However, the radio broadcast was lost. But don’t worry, I’ll give you a quick overview of the events.

1st, I have been teamed up with NadaRed Vodka for quite a number of years now. NadaRed is 100% American made Vodka. Even their bottles are made in America and the design developed in the good ole USA too. Proceeds from the sales of NadaRed go to help orphanages in dictator countries. Many people are unaware of the harsh realities that take place in these institutions. The only Government support these children receive is ragged clothes and the only food they receive is grain. Via clandestine activities, NadaRed has positioned themselves to provide funding to help these children.

NadaRed is also an award winning Vodka. So grab some NadaRed and help fight communism around the world! You’ll be glad you did. Currently, NadaRed is not distributed in Texas but you can go to their website and order some today! It’s the only Vodka I use now in my Vodka Recipes. You can see me in action on my Television shows.

We also battled Cancer, not bad for a 1 hour Radio Talk Show. Actually, I’ve also been teamed up with “Grill Charms” for quite a number of years. Grill Charms are great for identifying your meats. For example, my wife does not like spicy foods where I do, however, on the grill, during a party, it can be difficult to keep track of whose meat is whose! However, now that Grill Charms are here you can stop guessing. Grill Charms are shaped like large thumb tacks and have markings engraved on their heads designating a variety of symbols such as W, M, MR or R for well done, medium, medium rare or rare. Plus they are designed not to fall out when you flip them over and that’s pretty cool.

With every purchase of Grill Charms proceeds from the sale goes toward fighting breast cancer. Now that’s another worthy cause.

. Grill Charms™ make the perfect stocking stuffer for just about anyone, but also are great employee or customer appreciation gifts, host or hostess gifts for those holiday parties, as well as secret Santa gifts for party or office games. If someone has health or allergy issues, (high blood pressure, diabetes, need gluten free etc…) the Charmed Life and The Pink Collections provide a way for that special person to identify their food before, during and after grilling insuring that they don’t get anything they don’t want or can’t have. (True story… a customer of mine only eats grass fed beef. During cookouts she would bring her own meat and hover around the grill to insure her meat would not get mixed up with the rest. She thinks Grill Charms are the BEST THING EVER! She can now put her Grill Charm in her meat before she gets there, and enjoy the party) Teacher or boss appreciation gifts are big this time of year and Grill Charms™ make a great way to show that special someone they are thought of. One of the best gifts for the big griller is The Shark Attack Gift Pack

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