News from PEGASYS in Enid, OK!

by Grilldog on April 22, 2011

We’ve been downloading the shows from as they come out. I have to tell you that this show has a fairly large cult following here. So thanks for providing the shows for broadcast, and we’ll be looking forward to downloading new shows at the PEGMedia.

BTW, there’s a fairly large barbeque festival that happens here annually in April. Don’t know if you do those types of things or not, but if you’re interested, I can get you info for next year.

Operations Manager
Enid, OK 73701

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Grilldog November 28, 2012 at 5:43 am

I would love to check out the information . Perhaps we can shoot an episode there and promote your station. Unfortunately between family and the economy my production is going to be down long time. Just a thought.. .THANKS ever so much for your positive feedback


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