Mystery Shopping Could be Hazardous to your Health!

by Grilldog on September 18, 2014

If you are not familiar with Mystery Shopping well here it is in a nutshell. Basically, people like you and me sign up with a 3rd Party vendor who has contracted with a business to pay their contractee’s a fee to go into the business and evaluate, what ever it is the business owner(s) want evaluated and then submit reports and/or photos and/or audio/video files taken by concealed body equipment. There’s Tons of companies that use these services, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Tanning Saloons, Hair loss Clubs, Beauty Saloons, Car Wash Establishments, Car Dealers, etc.

Weather or not I am a Mystery Shop, I’ll keep a Mystery. In short, I have a “friend” that has a story to tell. It all started in January of this year.

My friend’s family were having some finical struggles and my friend wanted to earn extra income without doing the bartender, waiter/waitress gig (I’m keeping the gender neutral to protect their identity. My friend is over 50 although appearances make him in the mid 40’s therefore, he can “get away” with “acting” as a Mystery Shopper.

My Friend is good at rules and he made a few rules about Mystery Shopping.

1. Always be concealed, have a good story that’s close to your real life so you can answer questions if you have to. Only have one or two aspects concealed. For example, if you are in Washington D.C. and need to shop a Museum with a friend and are 50 + years old and the only person available is a 20 year old Neighbor who babysits for you, they become your Niece and you SHOP.

2. Always submit your paperwork on time, in fact the sooner the better. You see if you like the extra income so does a ton of other people. Therefore, you are in competition with them to be number one! Then the companies will start calling you and offering bonuses that are not offered on their online sites.

2.1 To win the competition, follow the rules and outlines that they give you. Perform them as written and take the photographs they may require correctly as well as any scanned receipts, within an hour of your “shop”. A Shop is defined as your target, the business you are to observe.

3. Always be professional. That’s it.

Sometimes being the best has it’s drawbacks, especially if you are in need of money and need some cash. If you are a Mystery Shopper and you are in that situation be very careful because it can be dangerous to your health. Take my friend for example.

My friend lost about 100 lbs 3+ years ago. They have been very proud about keeping it off. Now last January (as mentioned earlier, they started Mystery Shopping). Because my friend is very thorough the Mystery Shopping Companies love it! They started calling and offering great assignments and my friend just picked and choose what was the best paying one. Then came the fast food Restaurants…

If you are a Mystery Shopper, my friend says you could literally eat three meals a day, every day of the week and not only get your meal reimbursed but paid on top of it. Not just for Fast food establishment but high in as well. Please note: the high end restaurants are few and you may get one now and then. Fast Food Chains are consistent.

My friend, who lost 100 pounds and kept it off for over 3 years, recently gained over 20 in about a 3-4 week period because of their Mystery Shopping. Now we’re not blaming or flaming Mystery Shopping or Shoppers, we’re just stating a real story…

So my friend gets a call from a company that they do a lot of shops with and they are desperate to fill a Shop in a certain time frame like by tomorrow. My friend had an availability and took the assignment. It paid well, he got fed and he’ll get reimbursement on top. Because of my friends reputation for excellence, the service kept calling him. He was doing 4-6 of these fast food joints a week for about 4 weeks now and we’re talking both Breakfast and Dinner.

My friends doctor is worried about his diet, he’s on High Blood Pressure Meds and Cholesterol lowering meds and Xanax for the stress!

Fortunalty, he only has a few more shops to go before he gets the money he needs to unlighted the financaial stress. However, my friend, very quickly needs to start a diet/exercise program again!

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