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by Grilldog on October 11, 2011

A Long, Long, Time Ago, July 2nd, 1990, to be exact, I found myself in the beautiful land of Sunny Mazatlan, Mexico.  I was looking for adventure, beautiful, fun, sun and deep sea fishing.  I came to the right spot.  Since 1990, I’ve been to Mazatlan dozens of times.  I’m often asked, with all of my travels around Northern America, Europe and Japan, of all the places to vacation, why Mazatlan?

Why Mazatlan? Mazatlan has everything that I want in a vacation (note I hate cold weather).  There’s vacation spots in everyone’s price range.  There’s frequent cruise ships, night life, great prices on every sort of entertainment imaginable.  There’s Jungle cruises, inland exploration, Agave Plantations, Island fiestas, quaint towns, plus the ocean! All types of water activities are available all year round.

A few months ago I realized that I needed to fly down to Mazatlan again and take care of some personal business (drat, of all the luck! LOL).  Unfortunately, Grillpup and Jr Dog couldn’t make this trip (as soon as Jr Dog is old enough I’m going to take him there!).  The time sharing I have in Mazatlan is for a week, since I HAD to travel to Mazatlan any way, I thought I’d stay the week and just relax.  Well, if you know ole Grilldog, I can’t relax unless I’m doing something.  Therefore…

I contacted my good buddy, Tadeo Hernández Kelly, Manager of Bibi Fleet Sports fishing. I’ve fished with them before and have always enjoyed the customer service, their knowledge of the area (they are the oldest Sports Fishing Fleet in Mazatlan) and, of course, fishing with them.  Relaying the message that I was going to be there a week and was looking for adventure as well as hoping to film an episode of my show there.  We agreed that a Sports Fishing Episode with Grilldog and Bibi Fleet was in order.  However, if you know good ole Grilldog, you know I couldn’t just stop there.  With the help of Tadeo an entire week of adventure has been planned…

First I’ll be staying at the Beautiful Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay resort.  I may shoot a few scenes there, I’m not sure yet.  I’m going to work with them when I arrive there on Friday Afternoon.

Saturday 15.
6.00-3.00PM. Fishing with Bibi Fleet.  I’m hoping for a nice Dorado! my Buddy has invited a few of his friends and we are going to go fishing for the day and have some great fun.  I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of great footage and Sport Fishing information! That will be Episode 1

Sunday 16. Episode 2 Filming at El Parador Español.
2.00PM. Shrimp cooking at El Parador Español.

Monday 17. Episode 3 Filming the Shrimp Plant! Mazatlan is the Shrimp Capital of the world!
5.00PM. Shrimp plant (I’ll post a link when I get more information).  I’m hoping to see the fleet come in.

Currently, that is all that is 100% certain. However, when the world hears that Grilldog’s Coming (like in my theme song), you know ears stand alert… Here’s what is still in the works…

The Mexican Board of Tourism is interested in hooking up with Good ole Grilldog while there and film Tuesday through Thursday various aspects of the area, since many people like to travel to countries like Mexico or Borneo, and that’s why Borneo Eco Tours rainforest lodge are so popular now a days. Including… considering providing ground transportation during that time and possibly travel to a very picturesque town with great country side food.

That’s all I have for now, I really want to thank Tadeo and Bibi Sports Fishing for all of their help with this adventure.  It’s going to be exciting and of course, look for it to air in early 2012!

Keep watching for more exciting updates to this adventure.  Of course, I’ll keep you posted every day on my facebook account which is linked here to my so you don’t have to miss an exciting minute of the action!  Oh btw, I’ll be there from October 14th through the 21st.  October 18th you’ll find me in the pool, at the bar in the pool, it’s my Birthday, we’re just not sure if you’ll find me face up or face down! LOL… OH and don’t worry, Grillpup’s Mom has graciously offered to come visit while I’m away to help Grillpup and and look after Jr Dog! That’s great!

Remember, Grilldog wufs ya and if you are NOT about Food, Fun and Friends YOUR DOING IT WRONG!

Note… 10/11 the lastest updates are that the following episodes could be included in the trip via the Mexican Board of Tourism! Grilldog’s there!

–          Hand made cheese shop.

–          Tequila distillery.

–          100% organic Tomato plantation.

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