How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2018

by Grilldog on November 11, 2018

My family went to see the new Grinch animated feature film today. I was curious to see what they could do, or even if they could, make it a fresh story. Let’s see, there’s a green creature with a dog that lives far away from whoville and he hates everything, especially Christmas. So he decides to steal Christmas by stealing everyone’s Christmas: gifts, decorations and food. At the top of the mountain where he lives, he sees the Whoville people wake up and start singing and realizes that Christmas is in your heart and not in a box. His heart grows 3 times and he takes the presents back and is welcomed in Whoville. Well, that sums it up. However…

I was quite impressed and shocked by the new movie. They did a great job of combining the original story with Ron Howards update, traditional Christmas and some cool novelty slights. I give the movie a 4 paws and a tail salute for a fresh story line and even bringing a tear to me and my 10 year old at several moments in the end. It’s worth going to see. I can’t wait to rent it when it comes out.

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