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In 2003 I approached the San Diego Community Television station with a new idea for a cooking show. Having researched the Food Network and other cooking shows that were popular, I designed a show that would totally revolutionize cooking shows. The folks at Cox in San Diego so loved the idea they insisted that I immediately start to produce the show. Within a year my show became one of the most distributed shows on Community Television in the world. Today, years later, the show continues to be distributed and streamed on the internet in 1000’s of communities world wide.

My concept, “Food, Fun and Friends,” allows me the diversity to perform in any venue. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local pub, a 90ft charter boat or even a motorcycle shop, I can design a show that is always a recipe for success. Also, I have had various sponsors that have endorsed my shows like Hefenweiser and Fat Tire Beers.

As a result of my live performances, businesses flourish. My shows always draw a crowd, and since they air all over the world, businesses get the recognition associated with Grill Dog! Therefore, don’t think any venue is out of reach. Grill Dog can design a show around your product or service that will catch everyone’s eye. If you would like more information, please fill out the form and submit it. Our professional staff works with you and your budget to design an event that will produce the perfect performance to showcase your product and/or business.

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