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by Grilldog on December 20, 2012

Yes, it’s the Holiday Season. Yes there’s a lot of political discussion, school shootings, controversy and if we should just tell everyone Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

I’m scanning the internet, social networks, etc and I come across again and again, people who have a point of view. Not really a point of view that they would like to share, provide some intellectual stimulation or just provoke some thought on a particular topic. NO, they want to jam their point of view down your throat. Again and again, they’ll continue to lash out with verbal abuse, of course, written safely behind their computer keyboard without any fret of physical or even verbal threat. Just type, type, type and away. In most cases I haven’t even found a place where they actually discuss or rationally discuss their point of view. Instead, they just want force their point of view on you. In the end, people either fight and argue back, of course getting no where other then increasing wasted energy on something that’s going no where. I’m reminded of a saying that here in America, we have the freedom of speech but we forget we don’t have the freedom to be listened to. Me, if I don’t agree with something I just close the browser window and surf on… Hang ten dude.

This has come to my attention because within the past few weeks many of my friends on the social network has been committing on how many friends they have de-friended or blocked and/or just don’t talk to. Of course they have never met these “friends” in person but all in all they were friends. However, because of a difference in point of views or even a miss-understanding in something someone writes. Yes, believe it or not, written communication is much more difficult then verbal. We forget how much communication is transferred by body language, tone of voice or even facial inflection. Therefore, just because something looks black and white on your computer screen doesn’t mean the reader’s brain sees it as black and white as the writer assumes you would. My typical response on these social networks is that I don’t de-friend anyone. So far all I’ve had to do is delete a few posts and respectfully ask the person making the post not to post what ever view they had on my site. So far there’s no complaints and everyone has complied and no one has ever de-friended me.

However, I guess when we look at the history of the United States, we’ve been forcing our point of views on everyone ever since Columbus landed in America. What was one of the first things they wanted to force the Indians/Savages (as the Columbus folks thought) well, teach them their Anglo Religion and get them to wear shoes. That’s right, not believing in the white mans religion and running around in bare feet, made the American Natives savages. Of course it took a couple centuries for the Indians to retaliate and in my opinion actually win the war, can you say Casinos?

In sort, I thank you for reading my blog. Please, no one take offense. I’m simply stating a point of view that’s too long for me to write in the social network. This Holiday Season, Please have a “Merry Christmas” and feel free to exchange gifts! In fact, you could send a pair of shoes as a gift, however, you don’t have to nail the souls on.

Good ole Grilldog


Grilldog’s Shopping Cart

by Grilldog on December 19, 2012

Hello all.

I am sorry I didn’t get my shopping cart up and running by the Holidays. However, there is still time if you go to

You can now purchase my DVD’s and books on or
the ebooks on
Or on Google

Grilldog’s Guide to Food Fun and Friends…
The first book, my original, I consider to the Foodie’s Arsenal of Recipes. I’ve selected many of my “original” recipes from back in the early 90’s for you. These are all classic recipes that are great for any occasion and as always, you don’t need to spend a lot of your hard earned cash for special ingredients or kitchen appliances. Over 150 recipes, tips, tricks and stories of my world travels and insights. Plus, never before seen photos of my travels and clips from my TV show.

Grilldog Presents: 50
The second book was just published in in the Fall of this year. This book contains over 200 recipes! These are all of the recipes from the 1st, 50 episodes of my TV show “Grilldog Presents”. Plus behind a behind the scenes accounting of each episode that the recipe applies to. There’s even clips from each show included with the recipes. These recipes are again, easy and inexpensive. There’s only about 5 recipes that are included that overlap the two books, for example, my eggplant dip appears in both, however, it’s just THAT Good!

Plus, all of my DVD’s are available and there will be an autoshow where you can find the dvds and a Chevy 4 Bolt Main Block for sale so you cant miss it. For the dvds Each one contains 4, 28.5 minute episodes except the Holiday special, that’s a 1 hour special and 2 other episodes. Every DVD and episode is available except episodes 56-59, there’s a typo in the cover header that we are currently working on fixing.

So if you are looking for that last minute gift Idea go to Amazon or Kindle and pick up a copy! You’ll have fun and be glad you did.

Good ole Grilldog
Grill’n and Chill’n


Grilldog Presents – Status Report

by Grilldog on June 3, 2012

Grilldog Update.  I’ve been asked a lot what is my status on making new shows.  Well here goes…

A lot of events have been happening in the past 2 years that put me way behind on a number of projects.  I finally had to toss out my anchor and settle down and just take one thing at a time.  So here is what the plans are…

1st I must complete and distribute the 5 episodes I filmed in Mazatlan.  I am almost finished the 2nd episode and have 3 more to go. (due date 8/1/12)

2nd Finish my 2nd book – Grilldog looks at 50, all the recipes and story synopsis of my first 50 episodes. (due date 9/1/12)

3rd, publish the remaining episodes of my DVD’s.  I stopped at episode 55 and have to go to 75, with 4 episodes per DVD (due date 10/31/12)

4th Update and complete the work on my website, and include a shopping cart with all of my Grilldog Merchandise. (due date 11/30/12 – Black Friday)

5th update my IMDb profile to include all of the above completed work as well as an episode guide to all 75 shows. (due date 12/12/12)

Once all of this has been completed (I’m shooting for 12/12/12 because that date just looks so cool).

Of course, that will be when I take my sabbatical from Grilldog and edit the next installment of my sons’ life the previous year from birthday 3-4.  (Needless to say no one will get it by Christmas – again).

So shooting for Grilldog should commence by February of 2013.  At that time I should be able to keep current with everything and be able to air shows within a few weeks of filming.  Plus keep up with everything else.

Thanks for everyone’s patience…

Good ole Grilldog

Remember, if you are not about Food, Fun and Friends, You’re Doing it Wrong!

Other Grilldog Quotes:
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This Saturday, April 21st, Join ME, GRILLDOG at Barbecues Galore in Cedar Park, from 11am to 2pm.
Barbecues Galore

1335 E Whitestone Blvd
Ste O-100
Cedar Park, TX 78613

I’ll be providing some Great Grilling Demonstrations and offering my 1st Book “Grilldog’s Guide to Food, Fun and Friends” at a great price, just 9.99! Plus I’ll sign it for free. Over 150 Great Recipes and Grill’n Tips. Perfect for the Grill or even indoors.

Plus, they’ll have a Huge Model T car show exhibit going on. They’ll be lots of fun, so come on out!


Mazatlan, Mexico & Grilldog Presents

by Grilldog on October 11, 2011

A Long, Long, Time Ago, July 2nd, 1990, to be exact, I found myself in the beautiful land of Sunny Mazatlan, Mexico.  I was looking for adventure, beautiful, fun, sun and deep sea fishing.  I came to the right spot.  Since 1990, I’ve been to Mazatlan dozens of times.  I’m often asked, with all of my travels around Northern America, Europe and Japan, of all the places to vacation, why Mazatlan?

Why Mazatlan? Mazatlan has everything that I want in a vacation (note I hate cold weather).  There’s vacation spots in everyone’s price range.  There’s frequent cruise ships, night life, great prices on every sort of entertainment imaginable.  There’s Jungle cruises, inland exploration, Agave Plantations, Island fiestas, quaint towns, plus the ocean! All types of water activities are available all year round.

A few months ago I realized that I needed to fly down to Mazatlan again and take care of some personal business (drat, of all the luck! LOL).  Unfortunately, Grillpup and Jr Dog couldn’t make this trip (as soon as Jr Dog is old enough I’m going to take him there!).  The time sharing I have in Mazatlan is for a week, since I HAD to travel to Mazatlan any way, I thought I’d stay the week and just relax.  Well, if you know ole Grilldog, I can’t relax unless I’m doing something.  Therefore…

I contacted my good buddy, Tadeo Hernández Kelly, Manager of Bibi Fleet Sports fishing. I’ve fished with them before and have always enjoyed the customer service, their knowledge of the area (they are the oldest Sports Fishing Fleet in Mazatlan) and, of course, fishing with them.  Relaying the message that I was going to be there a week and was looking for adventure as well as hoping to film an episode of my show there.  We agreed that a Sports Fishing Episode with Grilldog and Bibi Fleet was in order.  However, if you know good ole Grilldog, you know I couldn’t just stop there.  With the help of Tadeo an entire week of adventure has been planned…

First I’ll be staying at the Beautiful Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay resort.  I may shoot a few scenes there, I’m not sure yet.  I’m going to work with them when I arrive there on Friday Afternoon.

Saturday 15.
6.00-3.00PM. Fishing with Bibi Fleet.  I’m hoping for a nice Dorado! my Buddy has invited a few of his friends and we are going to go fishing for the day and have some great fun.  I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of great footage and Sport Fishing information! That will be Episode 1

Sunday 16. Episode 2 Filming at El Parador Español.
2.00PM. Shrimp cooking at El Parador Español.

Monday 17. Episode 3 Filming the Shrimp Plant! Mazatlan is the Shrimp Capital of the world!
5.00PM. Shrimp plant (I’ll post a link when I get more information).  I’m hoping to see the fleet come in.

Currently, that is all that is 100% certain. However, when the world hears that Grilldog’s Coming (like in my theme song), you know ears stand alert… Here’s what is still in the works…

The Mexican Board of Tourism is interested in hooking up with Good ole Grilldog while there and film Tuesday through Thursday various aspects of the area, since many people like to travel to countries like Mexico or Borneo, and that’s why Borneo Eco Tours rainforest lodge are so popular now a days. Including… considering providing ground transportation during that time and possibly travel to a very picturesque town with great country side food.

That’s all I have for now, I really want to thank Tadeo and Bibi Sports Fishing for all of their help with this adventure.  It’s going to be exciting and of course, look for it to air in early 2012!

Keep watching for more exciting updates to this adventure.  Of course, I’ll keep you posted every day on my facebook account which is linked here to my so you don’t have to miss an exciting minute of the action!  Oh btw, I’ll be there from October 14th through the 21st.  October 18th you’ll find me in the pool, at the bar in the pool, it’s my Birthday, we’re just not sure if you’ll find me face up or face down! LOL… OH and don’t worry, Grillpup’s Mom has graciously offered to come visit while I’m away to help Grillpup and and look after Jr Dog! That’s great!

Remember, Grilldog wufs ya and if you are NOT about Food, Fun and Friends YOUR DOING IT WRONG!

Note… 10/11 the lastest updates are that the following episodes could be included in the trip via the Mexican Board of Tourism! Grilldog’s there!

–          Hand made cheese shop.

–          Tequila distillery.

–          100% organic Tomato plantation.


Hi folks.

South Africa celebrates their Heritage day (an appreciation of the vast cultures that make up South Africa) with BBQ or as they call it Braai.   The media calls this day Braai4Heritage!  With many loyal Grilldog fans in South Africa Grilldog decided to celebrate two with his own Braai in the South African Style.  There’s 5 distinct styles of BBQ in South Africa and Grilldog is going to demonstrate them all at Natural Grocers in Cedar Park.

Did you know the South African Vice Presidents and his guests have frequently dined on recipes from Grilldog!

Well, now you know so get your tails and your own Grillpack of Friends over to Natural Grocers..

Wednesday, September 21st from 11am to 3pm, you’ll be glad you did!