Grill Dog at NEWFLOWER Farmers Market – Bee Cave, TX

by Grilldog on December 6, 2010

This was one of my busier weekends. I filmed at Napalm yesterday and today I provided a live appearance at NEWFLOWER Farmers Market in Bee Cave, Tx.

I showed up for two hours with samples of foods that I made entirely with NEWFLOWER’s Product line. Plus I had my recipe book in tow, Grilldog’s Guide to Food, Fun and Friends. I sold and signed many books and the store noted that sales of the products I was demonstrating skyrocketed while I was there.

I had a lot of fun, everyone loved my pulled pork, cheddar and coleslaw sandwiches the best. I used several varieties of NEWFLOWER’s BBQ Sauces with it and it was a hit. The customers and staff were so nice, I’m planning on coming out there again in December for another live appearance. This time I’ll stay longer!

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