Grill Dog LIVE at H.E.B.

by Grilldog on March 15, 2011

Whose the largest privately owned business in TEXAS? Who is won of the top 10 Largest Privately owned companies in the United States of America? Who? H.E.B. Therefore, if Grill Dog was going to support and provide live regular performances and delicious yummy treats for his fans, who should Grill Dog work with? WHY H.E.B., of course!

I know you’ve seen those food carts in grocery stores, however, H.E.B. has gone way beyond that cooperation with Grill Dog International LLC, an Austin based company.  I will be developing recipes and providing great free samples of H.E.B. products. OH, not just the old here, have a sample of a drop of BBQ sauce on a piece of meat.  Basically, those carts are only trying to sell one product.  However, imagine Grill Dog in the store! Grill Dog free to run around and grab ingredients and create new and exotic flavors! Not just from one department but from many! This way incorporating a great experience!

So I’ll be regularly appearing at H.E.B. at the intersection of 620 and Anderson Mill Rd with some great treats.  Today was my first day there and I was nervous and excited.  My job was to provide free cheese burger and potato salad samples.  (Everyone got a small plate with both a cheese burger sample and some H.E.B. homemade potato salad, either mustard based or mayo.) Unlike those other folks who just demo 1 product I combine some of the great inexpensive ingredients of H.E.B. Brand in a fashionable way.  Now I’m not pitching an add here but demographics prove that “Walmart” in areas where there is an H.E.B. have lower prices then Walmarts in areas where there isn’t an H.E.B.  Why? It’s obvious, they are trying to compete with H.E.B. However, they can’t because comparably, H.E.B. is less expensive and they have factories that develop and produce their product brand.  Did you know that H.E.B. has it’s own shrimping boat in order to deliver the freshest shrimp?

Ok, so here’s what I’m doing on 3/15… Come see me for some yummy treats.

Grilled cheese burgers with some Wisconsin aged cheddar cheese, topped with

Sauteed red onions or bacon (depends on when you arrive, once the onions run out I’m using bacon, apple smoked bacon).

Aged cheddar cheese

Some great BBQ Sopping Sauce and lettuce.

Plus some H.E.B. homemade potato salad, your choice of mustard based or mayo!

You can’t miss me, evidently my creations today sent mouth watering aroma’s through out the entire store.  People were literally “sniffing” their way to find my tent.  YES, Grill Dog is TOO Big for a mere Cart, he has a 10×10! So come see me, have some samples and hang out! You’ll be glad you did.

Oh, I’m in hot negotiations with H.E.B. to carry my awesatious book, Grilldog’s Guide to Food, Fun and Friends… Now that’s a news flash!

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