DR Who update

by Grilldog on November 11, 2018

Are they trying to loose an audience and cancel the show AGAIN? Seriously, the Last series, Peter really didn’t add much other then a bunch of stupidity (I mean the guitar, sonic sunglasses, etc), the only episode that was at all gripping to a real Dr Who fan, was the husbands of River Song. Of course in that episode he was more of a co-star as River stole the stage. Now they have a women as a doctor, sorry laddies, it takes a lot away from the show. The episodes I’ve seen looks as though she’s just walking through the lines and can’t be taken seriously as THE Doctor. Also, BBC tightened it’s grip on who can see their shows and forcing you to pay to view them. Either pay your local cable provider to add BBC to your list of available options or pay on line. All in all crying that their viewership is down. Wonder why? They need to go back to the original concept. A strong Dr and interesting companions even if they are a mechanical dog.

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