Carpet Close-Outs Flooring Distributors, Inc Austin TX – Buyer Beware! UPDATED

by Grilldog on December 9, 2013

Do not use the installers this company recommends…

They operate with Real-estate agents and offer a great deal on extraordinary carpet cleaning and installation. Unfortunately the installers aren’t actually a part of the company, and they are unprofessional.

They showed up, the foreman was rude and didn’t want to talk to us about what they are doing. After they left we felt bumps in the carpet and thought it was bad padding. We complained and Robert said he would send his crew back… SO, “Robert’s crew” showed up and the dozen places we indicated that had bumps, the crew just pounded with hammers! Again, the foreman was curt and rude.

A few days later we saw a patch that looked shredded in the carpet. We thought our cat had dug into it so we repaired it, however, we found a bunch of MULCH under our carpet!

Evidently, these guys dragged the carpet though our mulch in the front yard and now between our carpet and padding is a bunch of mulch! When “Roberts Crew” Pounded the lumps in they pushed the mulch in through the carpet tearing it and loosening the fibers. Now we are walking on a carpet and every time we walk over the mulch it loosens the carpet even more. Thus, making it deteriorate more and more! We complained and Robert sent out his “foremen” again who was aggressively verbal to my wife and point blank stated that they had “NO” responsibility to repairing our carpet because we had attempted to fix the one spot in the carpet.

Updated 1/17/14: Robert insisted that the installers come back and look under the carpet for damage. More mulch was found but no further damage to the underside. He also told Gonzalo to fix the patch we did (which he did twice now but it’s obvious the man does not know what he is doing). So moral of this story? If you want a great deal on carpet, get it from Robert at Carpet Close-outs, but just DO NOT let them use their installers. See if you can find someone else. Using Gonzalo and his crew is like playing Russian Roulette. If there are no problems, you’ll have nice economy priced carpet. But if you get that bullet, you won’t be happy!

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