Grilldog’s Guide To Food, Fun & Friends, 2nd Edition.

I’ve always found recipe books a bit boring. The authors of these “other” books unemotionally write down the ingredients and instructions. I always wanted something with more BITE. Therefore, based on my Public Access Cooking Show “Grilldog Presents” I’ve developed this Guidebook. Although there are over 150 recipes it’s not actually a cookbook, it’s a Guide to Food, Fun and Friends. Complete with stories and antidotes of life from Grilldog’s perspective. There’s plenty of excitement, laughs and adventure as you travel through Grilldog’s world of Food, Fun and Friends.

There are ton of recipes, including breakfast giant omelet’s, grilled veggies and sauces, tons of BBQ sauce recipes, grilled desserts, even some of Grilldog’s patented recipes from his “secret ” arsenal of culinary concoctions! Pasta Diablo, Corn Salsa, Eggplant dip and much much more.


For 16.95 plus shipping and handling, it’s a great addition to anyone’s collection of recipes as well as a great gift!  You’ll not be able to put it down   It is also available at

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Forward by Jude Liebermann from Lee Books., your home port for romance, adventure and action packed novels, stories, etc.

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