Protect your Skin! Grilldog and Sunscreen!

by Grilldog on May 29, 2012

Last year, in March, I was hired by H.E.B. as a chef for their newly redesigned program called I.S.S. “In Store Sales”.  The idea behind ISS was to drive sales, of course.  The goal was to redefine store food demonstrations to incorporate all the departments in the grocery store.  Rather then just saying, “here, try a chip”, we would have a recipe or complete meal idea.  Plus, each store was free to develop their own demonstration.  Something Unique, that the individual store felt their customers would like the most, or what the store wanted to promote the most.  I now design those Demonstrations at my local H.E.B.  However, I digress.  I told you all of that to tell you this… I was hired in March as a chef. I saw those, “here, try a chip” demonstrations and felt it was demeaning to a chef of my stature (I was mentioned on the Food Network and do have my own published book and Television show!). About 3 months after being hired, Memorial Day rolled around and I was informed that I’d be demonstrating Sunscreen!!! WTF!!! NO WAY, I immediately gave them the hind leg salute! I was a chef… I barked, ruffed up my hair and barked some more! I sarcastically asked them to tell me how to use sunscreen in a recipe, since I was a chef, I assumed they wanted me to cook with the stuff!  After putting on an elaborate scene and feeling I got my point across, I was told that all of the other folks were going to be on vacation and this demonstration was really “Needed” by the store.  I was the only one available to do it. Plus, they promised It’d be only for 1 day!  sigh, Grilldog’s are better then Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Old Yellar and the Little Hobo (you’ll have to look that last reference up yourself).  So naturally, I agreed to demonstrate SunScreen, sigh… but I was not happy.

As the days dwindled I contemplated various ways to “SHOW” the management my displeasure and make sure, that they would never ask me to something that demeaning AGAIN!  So I developed a bizarre Character that we called “Captain Sunscreen”.  I looked more like a homeless peddler at the beach then an HEB Employee.  I wore shorts, a bizarre outfit, even sandals.  We have very strict dress codes and I didn’t just push the envelope on those codes, I knocked down the Post Office..  I was obnoxious, I was flirtatious, I was, well, outlandish.  I did everything I could think of to be bizarre.  Because I was a Chef and this was below my standards! …

At the end of that “first”, one and only day, I had my picture taken about a dozen times, by customers.  They were posting it all over the internet and sending to friends. There was such an overwhelming outpouring of appreciate, joy and enthusiasm, I was speechless (and anyone that knows me knows I don’t get speechless too easily).   Sales were skyrocketing, the employees (called partners) were enthralled, and I was put on a pedestal! Plus, it was fun! I had a great time.  So not only did I enlist to the Sunscreen Demo for the next 4 days, I also recreated the roll on the 4th of July during the next Sunscreen Sale!

Therefore, this year, when Memorial day was coming about and I was making the decisions on what to demonstrate, I could demonstrate anything I wanted, guess you can figure out what it was… SUNSCREEN, of course.  You see, Mom battled skin cancer much of her life and died of Leukemia. Dad was a decorated WWII Veteran and was a survivor of the battle of Normandy on D-Day.  To me, promoting skin protection on Memorial Day, seemed to be something more.  The fanfare is nice, but that I can also feel that I’m honoring my parents, makes me feel that much better, even if I’m the only one that knows that part of it.  That is why I committed me and my team to demonstrating nothing but Sunscreen from Wed through Tuesday, all during the Memorial Weekend Sale.

Since Last Year, I also lost about 100lbs and had been working off.  Therefore, this year, I thought I’d showcase the new me during my Demonstration.  Therefore, I created a New Captain Sunscreen.  I had a lot of fun and I’ll do it again next year, for Mom and Dad!

Here’s some sunscreen Tips.  There are New FDA regulations.  Please select Sunscreen that has both UVA and UVB protection.  UVA is Aging affects and UVA is Burning Affects.  Once your SPF gets past about 15 you are not getting much more, if any at all, actual UVA or B protection!  The SPF basically tells you how long before you have to reapply the lotion, or spray! Let me explain.  All of us have different skin.  Each handles the effects of the sun differently, some better and some worse then others.  Therefore, the SPF specifications take that into consideration.  Let’s say I can stay out in the Sun for 20 minutes with out skin damage and my neighbor can only stay out 10 minutes, we each have a sunscreen that’s SPF 15.  That means, I can wait 20 X 15 = 300 minutes after applying the lotion or spray before reapplying where as my neighbor can only wait 10 x 15 = 150 minutes before reapplying… now you know.

So if you are going to be out in the sun, be protected and please use some aloe or something else to moisturize your skin once you are out of the sun again.  Stay looking young! Now that’s a great Grilldog tip to live by… Oh yeah, remember… The only time you should feel a Burn, is when you are working out!




This Saturday, April 21st, Join ME, GRILLDOG at Barbecues Galore in Cedar Park, from 11am to 2pm.
Barbecues Galore

1335 E Whitestone Blvd
Ste O-100
Cedar Park, TX 78613

I’ll be providing some Great Grilling Demonstrations and offering my 1st Book “Grilldog’s Guide to Food, Fun and Friends” at a great price, just 9.99! Plus I’ll sign it for free. Over 150 Great Recipes and Grill’n Tips. Perfect for the Grill or even indoors.

Plus, they’ll have a Huge Model T car show exhibit going on. They’ll be lots of fun, so come on out!


Mazatlan, Mexico & Grilldog Presents

by Grilldog on October 11, 2011

A Long, Long, Time Ago, July 2nd, 1990, to be exact, I found myself in the beautiful land of Sunny Mazatlan, Mexico.  I was looking for adventure, beautiful, fun, sun and deep sea fishing.  I came to the right spot.  Since 1990, I’ve been to Mazatlan dozens of times.  I’m often asked, with all of my travels around Northern America, Europe and Japan, of all the places to vacation, why Mazatlan?

Why Mazatlan? Mazatlan has everything that I want in a vacation (note I hate cold weather).  There’s vacation spots in everyone’s price range.  There’s frequent cruise ships, night life, great prices on every sort of entertainment imaginable.  There’s Jungle cruises, inland exploration, Agave Plantations, Island fiestas, quaint towns, plus the ocean! All types of water activities are available all year round.

A few months ago I realized that I needed to fly down to Mazatlan again and take care of some personal business (drat, of all the luck! LOL).  Unfortunately, Grillpup and Jr Dog couldn’t make this trip (as soon as Jr Dog is old enough I’m going to take him there!).  The time sharing I have in Mazatlan is for a week, since I HAD to travel to Mazatlan any way, I thought I’d stay the week and just relax.  Well, if you know ole Grilldog, I can’t relax unless I’m doing something.  Therefore…

I contacted my good buddy, Tadeo Hernández Kelly, Manager of Bibi Fleet Sports fishing. I’ve fished with them before and have always enjoyed the customer service, their knowledge of the area (they are the oldest Sports Fishing Fleet in Mazatlan) and, of course, fishing with them.  Relaying the message that I was going to be there a week and was looking for adventure as well as hoping to film an episode of my show there.  We agreed that a Sports Fishing Episode with Grilldog and Bibi Fleet was in order.  However, if you know good ole Grilldog, you know I couldn’t just stop there.  With the help of Tadeo an entire week of adventure has been planned…

First I’ll be staying at the Beautiful Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay resort.  I may shoot a few scenes there, I’m not sure yet.  I’m going to work with them when I arrive there on Friday Afternoon.

Saturday 15.
6.00-3.00PM. Fishing with Bibi Fleet.  I’m hoping for a nice Dorado! my Buddy has invited a few of his friends and we are going to go fishing for the day and have some great fun.  I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of great footage and Sport Fishing information! That will be Episode 1

Sunday 16. Episode 2 Filming at El Parador Español.
2.00PM. Shrimp cooking at El Parador Español.

Monday 17. Episode 3 Filming the Shrimp Plant! Mazatlan is the Shrimp Capital of the world!
5.00PM. Shrimp plant (I’ll post a link when I get more information).  I’m hoping to see the fleet come in.

Currently, that is all that is 100% certain. However, when the world hears that Grilldog’s Coming (like in my theme song), you know ears stand alert… Here’s what is still in the works…

The Mexican Board of Tourism is interested in hooking up with Good ole Grilldog while there and film Tuesday through Thursday various aspects of the area, since many people like to travel to countries like Mexico or Borneo, and that’s why Borneo Eco Tours rainforest lodge are so popular now a days. Including… considering providing ground transportation during that time and possibly travel to a very picturesque town with great country side food.

That’s all I have for now, I really want to thank Tadeo and Bibi Sports Fishing for all of their help with this adventure.  It’s going to be exciting and of course, look for it to air in early 2012!

Keep watching for more exciting updates to this adventure.  Of course, I’ll keep you posted every day on my facebook account which is linked here to my so you don’t have to miss an exciting minute of the action!  Oh btw, I’ll be there from October 14th through the 21st.  October 18th you’ll find me in the pool, at the bar in the pool, it’s my Birthday, we’re just not sure if you’ll find me face up or face down! LOL… OH and don’t worry, Grillpup’s Mom has graciously offered to come visit while I’m away to help Grillpup and and look after Jr Dog! That’s great!

Remember, Grilldog wufs ya and if you are NOT about Food, Fun and Friends YOUR DOING IT WRONG!

Note… 10/11 the lastest updates are that the following episodes could be included in the trip via the Mexican Board of Tourism! Grilldog’s there!

–          Hand made cheese shop.

–          Tequila distillery.

–          100% organic Tomato plantation.


Hi folks.

South Africa celebrates their Heritage day (an appreciation of the vast cultures that make up South Africa) with BBQ or as they call it Braai.   The media calls this day Braai4Heritage!  With many loyal Grilldog fans in South Africa Grilldog decided to celebrate two with his own Braai in the South African Style.  There’s 5 distinct styles of BBQ in South Africa and Grilldog is going to demonstrate them all at Natural Grocers in Cedar Park.

Did you know the South African Vice Presidents and his guests have frequently dined on recipes from Grilldog!

Well, now you know so get your tails and your own Grillpack of Friends over to Natural Grocers..

Wednesday, September 21st from 11am to 3pm, you’ll be glad you did!


Coming Soon

by Grilldog on May 29, 2011

Soon I am going to be featuring on this page descriptions and links to the DVD’s of my shows that you can purchase.  Please feel free to search around my site and send me questions.  I am currently also working on my 2nd book which is all the recipes and behind the scenes look at my first 50 episodes of Grilldog presents.  Thanks for your following! Food, Fun and Friends Rule!


In September of 2010 my Mac that I edit my videos for Public Access TV started to have problems.  Every time I tried to render files on Final Cut Pro (the advanced software I use for editing the show) my Mac would power down and shut off.  New to Austin I started searching for an inexpensive solution to the problem.  I found Austin Mac Repair (now calling itself Texas Mac Repair) was near where we were living so we took my Mac there.

I explained the problem as I did here and they said they would work on it.  1st they told me the hard drive was bad and the data needed backed up. Then they told me during back up the hard drive died and I needed a new one.  Then they told me that the best way to deal with my computer not shutting down was to increase the Memory.  Once I agreed to all of this they stated the Mac was repaired and I took it home.

As soon as I started using Final Cut Pro and rendering my files, my Mac Powered down again.  Exactly as before.  I went and complained to the owner “Les” and he told me that as a family business he guaranteed his work and “verbally” stated that he would offer me a full 100% refund upon return of the hard drive and memory boards.  When I went to return them, he added additional charges to the list and only a partial refund.  I explained that was not acceptable and that I would take the matter to my credit card company and fight the charges.  He was very angry and the next day called my home and left some very aggressive messages that I want to share with you …

Les Called the next day and was very angry Les from Austin Mac Repair Threatens Grilldog 1

After hanging up, he wasn’t satisfied that he threatened us enough so he called back.  Les, the Owner of Austin Mac Repair Continues to Threaten Grilldog

He even mentions in his voice that the problem was my logic board that he did nothing to repair or even inform me of.  It wasn’t until I took it to the official Mac Shop that I found out it was the logic board.  Therefore, he knew it was the logic board and never even attempted to replace it. According to the real Mac repair shop, my Mac is so old the logic board wasn’t replaceable therefore he couldn’t.  So he kept charging me for services that was not needed.  The wildest part is that he admits in his voice mail that the logic board was the problem and that the service he supplied was replacing the hard drive. Well, I sent the hard drive he put in back and reinstalled the hard drive that he said didn’t work.  Well, folks, the hard drive works, I can retrieve all of my data and Final Cut Pro still Crashes because the Logic Board is not able to handle it any more.  ta da.

His reference to my radio show stems from my comment that as a radio talk show host I hear all the time of customers getting ripped off from companies and being treated unfairly and that he wouldn’t like to have someone comment about his service to me on air.  So he calls and threatens me that he’ll take my home, my job and everything I have away from me if I make any comment at all to anyone anywhere… This is the type of Business that Austin Mac Repair is.

Austin Mac Repair is an UNAuthorized Mac Dealer.  Totally unprofessional and you can make what you want of his attitude.  I have reported him to Apple.  Unfortunately, my credit card company took a heck of a long time to investigate the claim and only reimbursed me a partial refund because Les told them that it was a basic point of sale transaction.  That means that I should have plugged in the computer and tested it at his site rather then taking his word for it! All I can say since “Les” is the Owner, if you go to Austin Mac Repair for service, “LESS” is what you are going to get.

Less service
Less Repair
and Less Money in YOUR Bank Account.

OH, after finding out that my wife and I were posting his “Les” service on line he decided to post a raving review of his business on YELP, writing as if he were third person about his own business. Don’t Go To Austin Mac Repair Please, if you are a friend of grilldog, go to yelp and negate his comment that he’s the owner writing about his own business.  Hopefully we can prevent him from providing “Les” service to other people… Thanks all.






Hi gang.

Yes I’m back filming again. This time I am scheduled to be filming at Shooters in Anderson Mill (11416 Ranch Rd 620 N – Austin, TX 78726 – (512) 401-2060) on JUNE 5th from 2-5.

The show is being sponsored by Shooters and Treaty Oak Rum. Treaty Oak as asked me to develop at least 3 new and exciting food recipes using their rum as a key ingredient. Plus create one new rum drink. Can I accomplish this? Come out and see on June 5th.

Shooters will have drink specials and all kinds of activities going on. Shooters has a full bar and a ton of pool tables. Plus, my wife’s favorite pub game, Buzz Time Trivia!

I’m promised to have quite a number of wild and crazy hot cutie’s by my side as co-hosts for the event (I love my job). However, that’s not all; however, I’m not at liberty to divulge any more information until the ink has dried on the proposals. However, I will let slip, just for YOU, the recipes I am creating…

1. Chutney
2. The FOOL!
3. Rum Curry Sauce
4. a “Fashionable” Rum Drink.

So keep your eyes peeled for more information. However, most importantly, set those Day Runners, iPods and Blackberries to remind you to attend Grilldog Presents, Live at Shooters on June 5th, 2011 from 2-5, you’ll be glad you did.


As a rule, I am totally against Celebrities using their influence to promote or demote a political figure. I, among many, still do not watch or support anything that has to do with Jane Fonda… That’s my commitment to our military. We have young men and women sacrificing their lives to fight for US, NOT USA, Not a President. These young people are putting their lives on the line to protect lil ole YOU and ME. For that, I’m in support of and anyone, anyone that tries to make their families upset or tries to make our sons and daughters feel regret or hatred to me and you for what they are doing, well, hind leg salute to them.

That leads me to the topic of my blog today, the “Astonishing” release of Osama’s Death. Let’s start with a real life reenactment… Upon recieving the news that Osama was dead I ran out and told my wife that Arab dictator and killer Osama was dead, she said… Our President is dead? How did it happen? But I digress…

I’ve worked for Department of Defense Contractors for about 20 years, I’ve seen things. I’m not a conspiracy freak but I can tell you that, YES, we are LIED TO. For years, information has been “leaked” that Osama (the bad one, 911 dude not our president) was hiding out in Pakistan. Now, as if an out of body experience, we finally kill him (the Arab Osama, I mean the evil one, you know, not our president). I think and feel that we knew where Arab Osama has been all along ( the master mind behind 911 not our Arab President). What’s the reason behind not killing him earlier? I’m speculating, we, i.e. the USA Gov. didn’t think it would benefit them (USA Gov) enough. Why, was there a change and now killing Osama is OK, (Osama the Arab Leader, that’s the guy that caused 911 not our president).

Our beloved Arab Leader Osama has just raised taxes and in my opinion hurting us USA Citizens even more. Our Gov was closed, military and Gov personnel were not paid. The families of our own Sons and Daughters Killed over seas in some mindless idiotic Arab suicide bombers mission, were withheld benefits since our US Government was closed down because they couldn’t come to a budget resolution.

In my opinion our beloved USA Arab Leader Osama knows he doesn’t stand a gnats ass in hell of re-election or even running for re-election, however, the democratic party and in a grasping for straws effort, they throw in the ACE up their Sleeves that they have had for a long time, to hope boost up the Osama (our Osama’s) image. However, that’s how it is now in Government and Hollywood, as it has always been… Image.

Despite my conspiracy theory that Osama (our Osama) ordered the attach to some how boost our moral, I can say that Osama (the bad one, you know, the one over seas!) is dead! I just wished that it happened much earlier and it was much more painful for the asshole that killed all of those innocent people on 911. My father fought proudly and bravely in WWII and has dozens of medals to prove it. However, he was only shooting at and fighting against those communists bastards that were shooting and fighting against him. He would never even consider aiming his Navy Guns at an unarmed, non military building such as the World Trade Towers and taking it down and killing hundreds and possible thousands of people that weren’t and were not capable of shooting back. Those suicide bombers and followers of the Arab Leader Osama ( Not our president, the now dead other one) are nothing but cowards, who kill innocent Children and Women.. Why? I Ponder… oh, that’s right.. when they die for Osama (not our Arab leader Osama the now dead other one) the Suicide bomber receives, in death a bunch of Virgin Lovers! Nothing self serving or completed Fuked up about that religion now is there!

In short, I’m glad to hear that the Arab Leader Osama (not our US president) has been killed. Wished it had been more dramatic and drawn out for him, however, I can safely sit back and say, that I’ll pretend to believe in Uncle Same about that… for Now!


Texas Big Green Egg Fest 4/30/11

by Grilldog on May 1, 2011

The Texas Big Green Egg Fest was yesterday and it was awesatious. There were hundreds of people there, grill’n Chill’n and having a great time. I provided class demonstrations of how to grill pizza and how to grill tenderloin. It was a great success. I want to thank the folks at H.E.B. on 620 and Anderson Mill Rd for providing the food for the Egg University teaching demos as well as the food for my personal demos. I had a ton of steak and pizza that I was grill’n up. Plus Mandola’s Italian restaurant and market out in Bee cave provided me with the fresh dough for the event. It certainly was a stellar four paws and a tail event.


News from PEGASYS in Enid, OK!

by Grilldog on April 22, 2011

We’ve been downloading the shows from as they come out. I have to tell you that this show has a fairly large cult following here. So thanks for providing the shows for broadcast, and we’ll be looking forward to downloading new shows at the PEGMedia.

BTW, there’s a fairly large barbeque festival that happens here annually in April. Don’t know if you do those types of things or not, but if you’re interested, I can get you info for next year.

Operations Manager
Enid, OK 73701

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