Bikers and Brisket at Napalm Motor Sports 10/06/10

by Grilldog on December 6, 2010

The episode Bikers and Brisket for my Television Show could have only happened in Austin, TX. With the advent of my arrival in Austin, my cooking show “Grilldog Presents” began to air on Time Warner Channel 10 every Tuesday Night at 6pm. Folks who don’t have Time Warner Cable can catch the show in the internet at that time since the station streams all of their shows. What is interesting is that my TV show has been and is one of the most distributed shows on community TV in the world. However, no one ever recognizes me in the streets. Some say that’s not a bad thing!

Grilldog Presents started airing in Austin June 1st 2010 by the end of June people were recognizing me on the streets of Austin using Ecosmo Bikes! What is particularly interesting is that the people who were recognizing me were “Bikers”. Since I’m a Biker too so that even makes it really cool. Bikers tend to be direct and they all asked me “Grill Dog, when are you doing to do a show about Bikers”? A cooking show about Bikers, I hadn’t ever thought about it, however, putting on my Grill Dog cap of wisdom I wrote a 2 part episode called Bikers and Brisket.

The first part would be general knowledge, i.e., what to look for in getting a Brisket, how to trim it, the importance of slow cooking and even how to cut the Brisket.   For that part “Big Hat BBQ Smokers and Grill’s” Owner walked us through the steps and even provided a great detailed look at the grill he created and sells as a local Austin Business.   We also traveled to watch a real old western Brisket Cook-Off. The second part would be my recipes and having a Biker and Brisket event. Therefore, I approached Napalm Motor Sports about sponsoring the show and we were all giving each others a 4 paws and a tail salute.

The event was huge. I coordinated it with Napalm to coincide with their customer appreciation day. In order to maximize the event, not only was I presenting my smoked Brisket, I coordinated the Chef from the Cooking Experience at BBQs Galore in Bee Cave to come out and provide some samples. Plus, I got my buddies at Stuffit the Cajun Meat Market to come on out with samples. We even had the folks from Total Rider show up and provide some important tips on bike safety.

The episode will mark the last broadcast of my show titled Grilldog Presents and will start my new title Grill Dog “Grill’n & Chill’n. To be aired in 2011

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Aaron July 4, 2011 at 7:18 pm

Why would you not mention Big Hat BBQ but would mention Napalm?


Grilldog July 5, 2011 at 1:15 am

Big Hat BBQ was a big help in filming our Bikers and Brisket Episode at Napalm Motor Sports. The owner provided a long dissertation on how to pick and trim a brisket. He also provided some great tips on seasonings as well as demonstrating what makes the Big Hat BBQ Smoker and Grill a state of the art/superior smoker and Grill.


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