Beware of AT&T Customer Service

by Grilldog on July 16, 2013

Do you know why wireless companies want your social security number when you sign up for their service? So if/when you leave them before your two year contract is up, they can report you to the credit bureaus. Believe it or not, but not paying any of their outrageous fee can drop your credit from excellent to fair. Why are they given such power? I certainly don’t know or understand the answer to that one, but I do know they let that power go to their heads.

A little over two years ago, my wife looked at the data usage that we used on our plans. Deciding that we didn’t use enough to warrant the ridiculously high cost of unlimited, I dropped it to a more reasonable plan, which gave us plenty of extra data just in case. The very next billing cycle, our “usage” doubled and it continued to go up until we went over our allowed usage and AT&T charged us for it. Realizing they were ripping us off, I called and complained. If they didn’t adjust the amounts, we would cancel. They warned us that we would have to pay a cancellation fee, which we said we didn’t owe due to their dishonesty and two months lack of service which I shall explain in a minute. Apparently, there was a lot of this going on back then:

Additionally, my Blackberry stopped working and it was under warranty. AT&T made me return my phone to one of their “service” centers who claimed they could neither repair it or fix it but had to send it back to the company for a replacement. No “Loner” was provided and despite weekly calling to their customer service department it took a entire month for me to receive a “new” replacement phone. However, the “new” phone was merely a used model that was refurbished and wouldn’t even boot up. Once again, I had to repeat the procedure, go to service center, have it sent back to the company and wait. By this time (2 months without a phone) … We called and complained about the delay and the down time and the lost and disruption of our business it caused. We were not offered an apology, only a promise that they wouldn’t charge us for the time we were with out a phone. However, they couldn’t even have any idea of when my new phone would be replaced.

We changed to T-mobile and cancelled AT&T and thought that would be the end of it. We were wrong. We were contacted by one collection agent after another. The last one even offered to close out the case if we would pay half. As it turns out, we probably should have taken the deal, since that was the last offer and now the dispute has hit my credit report. This is the only hit I’ve ever gotten and I’m 53 years old! It is truly unbelievable how far AT&T will go in their greed for undeserved money. We will never go back to AT&T for any of their services. They have burnt that bridge forever. So take this as a warning! Unless you’re willing to be treated badly by this company, avoid signing any contract with them.

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