Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

by Grilldog on November 11, 2018

Love Noir, Red Wine
minced garlic
favorite Pork/BBQ Seasoning
strips of bacon
Honey or Maple syrup
Course grinned Espresso beans.

Electric Roaster or large pan with a drip rack.

In your Electric Roaster or pan pour in red wine, I like to use Love Noir. Toss in some Garlic and your favorite herbs. Turn your roaster on to 425.

Next take your bacon and make a basket weave to roll up your Pork Tenderloin.

Take your favorite pork/BBQ seasoning and season the bacon wrap. Next roll the pork tenderloin up in the bacon.

Place the roast on the rack in your pan, seam side down. Next pour over the roast with Maple syrup or honey and sprinkle with course ground espresso beans. Cover the roaster and roast…

I like to use an internal temperature gauge that you can read on the outside of the pan to know exactly what the internal temperature of my roasts are. I set it for 155. Of course Pork should be 160 however, it will continue to cook for a few minutes after removing from the roaster or oven and reach the desired temp.

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