A Christmas Carol: Jim Carrey vs Matt Smith

by Grilldog on December 21, 2012

I’ve always been a BIG Christmas Fan. In fact, for me and my family (well, that’s my original family – Birth Family) From September 1st to January 1st was always just one huge celebration! My sisters Birthday on September first always kicked it off. Then on Labor Day we always started the day with the speed boat races on Laural Lake, and then my Cousin Hudsen would hold a huge BBQ that included fishing, and sucking down some oysters. Plus a whole lot of BBQing activies. Of course their then came Columbus Day, My Birthday, Halloween, Veterans day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and a whole lot of other special holidays for all of the other religions, too numerous to mention. It’s not that I’m against them all, I’m just reporting on what my early childhood days with my family celebrated.

Now a lil known fact of mine is that I’m obsessed with Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol! From early on in my Childhood I remember growing up watching several black and white versions of the story. I even have read the original story by Chuck himself! In every version I either felt touch or just, down right, had tears falling down my cheeks becuase of the warmth, sentiment and lovingness that it portrayed. It’s a powerful story. I’m even talking about the Mr. Magoo Version too; however…

Last night my son and I watched the Dr Who version of a Christmas Carol. It was of course, nothing like Chuck’s story and was based more on the concept of a Christmas Carol. It was fun to watch, there was hope, joy and sadness. Even a non Dr Who fan would have enjoyed the episode and followed along the conversion of the “Scrooge” character. Of course the new Dr Who (Who represented most of the ghosts), Matt Smith is very campy and he played it great throughout the episode. He struggled, plotted made plans and in the end. Perhaps not how he was hoping but Scrooge changed allowing the Dr to save the crippled Spaceship.

The night before I watched Dr Who’s A Christmas Carol, I watched the Jim Cary’s version and although it was very true to the original story line, I felt sincerly dissapointed. The entire episode was a joke. Yes, Jim Cary can be very campy, which he was, however, too much so. His voice was so campy that you could never really feel distress, sadness or even any pain as in other versions of the classic, you could certainly feel Dr Who’s pain. Of course, Jim protrayed all of the ghosts and it was obviously over done. In fact my wife was irritated by the ghost of Christmas Present. Watching the show was obviously a waste of time for me and lover of Chuck’s Classic Tale.

Of course, of all of the Christmas Stories out there, this is one of the most immitated stories you see during the holiday season. I really enjoy how some shows try and use the concept but twist it around in a new version to make it refreshing. EVen though you know the “Scrooge” Character is goign to change, the shows pull you in and you feel the struggle. My point is that if you are going to remake the classic and actually remake it based on the Dicken’s story and not make it a new refreshing story, either make it right or just don’t do it at all. I’m not sure what the creators of Jim Carry’s version was thinking other then astonishing us with their cartooning ability. In my opinion, it was a waste of time, it was not refreshing just a stale remake and a campy poorly directed one at that.

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