10/24/10 Bikers & Brisket Throw Down

by Grilldog on December 5, 2010

As part of an upcoming episode of my cooking show, Grilldog Presents, I went out to Broden TX to what was supposed to be a huge Brisket Throw-Down. My episode titled “Bikers & Brisket” is going to be airing in 2011. I filmed in a number of different locations in Austin and completed the filming at Napalm Motor Sports on rr620 in Cedar Park for their Customer Appreciation Day.

Unfortunately, the challenger who set up the event by bragging that he could cook a brisket on the “Big Green Egg” better then anyone else, didn’t show up for the event. However, my son, Jr Dog and myself made the trip and filmed a couple of “Good ole Texans” and their trailer smokers. We drank beer (me and the Good ole Texans, not me and my 2 year old son) and ate lots of home cooking and some great brisket. One thing I like to point out is that if the rest of the world could just experience and event like this, no one would be fighting!

The filming that I did will be spliced into the two part series Bikers & Brisket. It’s going to be exciting because we are changing the title of my cooking show at the start of the second part of the two part episode. We are updating the intro and CGI and calling the Show “Grill Dog, Grill’n & Chill’n”

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